Off Beat: Weed the People could meet with Tokin’ Resistance

By Tom Vogt, Columbian Science, Military & History Reporter



The Old Dope Pedaler?

Or maybe a new take on the CRC? Those are just a couple of the ways this could play out.

We’ve been doing a lot of coverage recently about legalized marijuana. The future of the industry is still uncertain, and the business implementation is a work in progress.

But from a marketing standpoint, it’s never too soon to consider all the branding opportunities.

This business opportunity is voter-approved — democracy in action — which might be reflected in a business name like Weed the People.

Another popular slang term would echo a significant chapter in local exploration: Joint Base Lewis-Clark.

Still another slang reference could piggyback off shorthand for a topic that’s been in the headlines for years. Think of all the public awareness already out there for the CRC … which in this case would stand for Columbia River Chronic.

There might be target audiences that already patronize niche businesses. We ran an Associated Press story recently about Northwest retailers who use cargo bicycles to deliver cargo as hefty as beer kegs. While home delivery of marijuana isn’t legal yet, packing it on a bike would be a breeze for The Old Dope Pedaler.

Just roll with it

Fledgling retailers can’t always afford prime space. But if you’re selling your product from some third-floor walk-up, just roll with it — in a manner of speaking — and do business as the Drug Attics.

Some marketers might prefer a theme from classical literature, the same sort of Jane Austen-inspired concept that gave us “Pride and Prejudice and Vampires.” … Which might be just the thing to read while enjoying your purchase from Sense and Sinsemilla.

Not everybody thinks legalized marijuana is a good idea. There will be outreach efforts and educational campaigns to counter all the pro-pot messages. There might even be a business opportunity on the anti side of the issue: They can call it Tokin’ Resistance.

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