Vital statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Charles, Sherry M. and John.

Green, Aaron Jay and Shannon Lynn.

Green, Betsy Znette and Trenton James.

Hau, Phong Ca and Lao, Hwy L.

Junker, Todd Harley and Yvette Marie.

Kreger, Wendy Ann and Kreger Jr., Dennis Wayne.

Mares-Elliott, Olivia Gabrielle and Elliott, Jared Heath. Woman’s name changed to Mares.

Morris, Bria Terese and Halver, John Emil V.

Ortiz, Francisco J. and Wooden, Francisco J.

Pringle, Joanica Funes and Simon Victor. Woman’s name changed to Santos.

Schlessinger Sr., James B. and Schlessinger, Louisette. Woman’s name changed to Landry.

Shugani, Ekaterina Vitalievna and Mariyan Ivanovich. Woman’s name changed to Svobodina.

Spire, Linda and Ronald. Woman’s name is changed to Patterson.


Cates, Vicki Ellen and Rittierodt, Craig Harris.

Gladchuk, Yelena Viktorovna and Brooks, David Allen.

Goldsworth, Cheryl and Goldsworth Jr., Robert.

Harness, Jennifer Jeanne and Christopher Lewis.

Higashi, Yuriko Y. and Young, Austin Lane.

Hunt, Deborah Kay and Russell Sterling.

Kasting, Robert Kyle and Jennifer Rae.

Mattole, Lillian Danette and Donovan David.

McMahon, Krystal Nicole and Travis Patrick.

Mumma, Clyde R. and Lisa L.

Perez, Maria Delosangeles and Perez Cuevas, Jose Antonio.

Pithoud, Brenda Sue and Steven Edward.

Reed-Walker, Autumn Marie and Walker, Tony Wade.

Robinett, William Gene and Frances Darlene.

Salamanca, Carmen E. and Jesus Santiago.


Kolakowski, Christian and Zachery.

Marriage licenses


Hamilton, Jason Edward, 39, Vancouver, and Shanaberger, Sandra Andrea, 39, Vancouver.

Court, Gregory James, 25, Tumwater, and Smith, Briana Iren, 24, Tigard, Ore.

McComb, Margaret Elizabeth, 75, Portland, and Cameron, Karen Lou, 66, Portland.

Schlecht, Amanda Jane, 17, La Center, and Tikka, Kent Brice, 18, Amboy.

Cooke, Amanda Ruth, 54, Ridgefield, and Solomon, Ailon Dekel, 43, Ridgefield.

Taube, Lisa Marie, 30, Asheville, N.C., and Stumpf, Diana Elizabeth, 43, Asheville, N.C.

Van Hardenbrg, Eric Kurt, 57, Vancouver, and Francisco, Jennifer Alcantara, 41, Vancouver.

Rachetto, Edward John, 61, Vancouver, and Hellickson, Lisa Gay, 55, Vancouver.

Garcia, Vicente Ortega, 40, Sunnyside, and Gaspar, Sergio Campos, 48, Yakima.

Parker, Patricia Ann, 48, Portland, and Houha, Ellen Patricia, 55, Portland.

Edwards, Tasia Dawn, 23, Vancouver, and Davis, Bradley K. Cole, 23, Vancouver.

Phillips Jr., Douglas Owen, 33, Vancouver, and Rigdon, Kari Devotion, 35, Chehalis.

Jessen, Harley Nicole, 20, Vancouver, and Sam, Alexander, 20, Vancouver.

Carr, Tiffany Lynn, 22, Vancouver, and Lavalla, Justin Taylor, 22, Vancouver.

Lauvray, Logan Richard, 39, Portland, and Horay, Brian Joseph, 40, Portland.

Krane, Sheri Dee, 49, Vancouver, and Jones, Tim O’Rouke, 49, Vancouver.

Finn, Mary Jo Rose, 31, Vancouver, and Watson, Daniel Sean, 47, Vancouver.

Lamb, Joshua Ryan, 25, Vancouver, and Zhang, Xuejiao, 29, Vancouver.


Doroshikin, Yan, 25, Vancouver, and Sosnina, Vera Andreyevna, 19, Wasilla, Alaska.

Rattray, Stacey Michelle, 31, Vancouver, and Ajinga, Amber Elisha Nicole, 31, Vancouver.

French, Krystle Nicole, 28, Vancouver, and Delgado, Devin Marcel, 33, Vancouver.

Goss, David Alan, 67, Camas, and Kaseburg, Kim Karla, 54, Vancouver.

Rodriguez-Duarte, Juan Carlos, 34, Vancouver, and Silva-Pena, Gabina, 36, Vancouver.

Connais, Cynthia Ross, 54, Portland, and Connais, Lisa Stech, 53, Portland.

Johnigk, Miranda Michelle, 29, Longview, and Breeden, Christopher Donald, 27, Vancouver.

Mendoza, Dalia Gonzalez, 29, Vancouver, and Taison, Zachary Joseph, 36, Vancouver.

Kim, Yulim, 28, Vancouver, and Shupe, Ian Thomas, 29, Vancouver.