Talking Points: Blazers' first tweet revisited




The Blazers made it to Deadspin on Thursday, but not for anything they did this year.

Call it Throwback Thursday, Twitter style!

Twitter has a new feature allowing its customers to find the very first tweet that any account sent out to the world. Want to know your first tweet? It's there. But you can also look up any other account.

Here is the Blazers' first tweet, from May 28, 2007.

"Being excited after getting the #1 draft pick in the 2007 NBA Draft."

Face palm.

Not exactly the greatest memory in franchise history. But give the Blazers credit for their response to Deadspin.

"Thankfully we didn't have Twitter in 1984."


So you were confident in your bracket, hoping to win the office pool, maybe get lucky and take down that $1 billion prize Warren Buffett is offering for a perfect run of picks.

One game in and ... done. Way to go, Dayton.

Thanks for piling on, Harvard.

And North Dakota State -- you've got to be kidding.

The first full day of the NCAA tournament got off to what has become its usual scream-at-the-TV start on Thursday, opening with three upsets.At least 95 percent missed at least one game before the tournament was 12 hours old.

"Being bounced from the billion THAT early definitely made me feel some type of way," said Marcus Arman of Portland. "I can tell you this: I will not be supporting the city of Dayton in any shape."