Taliban again hit election offices

Ongoing attacks meant to disrupt vote in Afghanistan



KABUL, Afghanistan —Suicide bombers dressed as women broke into a private home on Saturday and began firing rocket-propelled grenades at their target next door: the headquarters of Afghanistan’s Independent Election Commission, the latest insurgent assault on this country’s closely watched presidential vote.

The attackers died, but there were no other reports of fatalities and two police officers were wounded in the assault, which lasted for more than five hours, officials said.

Taliban insurgents claimed responsibility in what has become an all too familiar occurrence in Afghanistan’s capital one week before a pivotal election to choose President Hamid Karzai’s successor.

The Taliban have vowed to disrupt the polling, describing it as an American-sponsored plot, and in recent days have succeeded in sowing fear if not delaying the casting of ballots on April 5.

The election headquarters were also attacked last week, leaving five people dead.Afghan, United Nations and U.S. officials have said the election will go on as planned, amid heavy security, but it was unclear how many Afghans were growing shy of casting their ballots given Taliban threats to directly target anyone who participates.