Letter: Board’s attention appreciated





I am taking this time to thank Clark Public Utilities commissioners for the renewable energy public comment session that they held prior to the Feb. 9 board meeting. I have been in attendance at other board meetings in other cities, and I have to admit that this is the first meeting that I have ever attended where all board members were 100 percent focused on the speaker without allowing for distraction.

Not only did the board give us their time and attention, but allowed us to speak beyond the requested time, and then allowed us to interrupt with questions throughout the meeting.

Since the meeting, I have read the new renewable energy bill (HB 2346) and contacted Rep. Brandon Vick, R-Vancouver, and others who represent me in my district, asking them to support the bill. This was not only because I would benefit, but in the larger picture it would expand renewable energy in Washington state by helping others install solar panels with an extended incentive, as well as support the manufacturer(s) and their employees in Washington.

Again, I thank the commissioners for their time and attention to this issue.