Letter: Let the record show the truth




When citizens take the time to present their views regarding the county’s 2016 growth plan update, the county public record should accurately reflect all efforts.

Clark County Citizens United presented testimony at every hearing and open house. CCCU’s testimony reflects important issues that our members wanted to be heard and documented in the public record.

CCCU was persistent as our members believe in the democratic process. It was very disconcerting when the county manager declared, “CCCU has been packing the record.” To our amazement, hours upon hours of landowners’ testimony, emails, maps, documents and factual reports somehow were withdrawn or failed to be placed in the record for all to review.

Additionally, hundreds of comment cards collected at CCCU’s Hockinson 2016 town hall were missing. The record contained a fraction of the group’s vast and important body of work.

CCCU is alarmed if officials were denied access to a true public record. CCCU is alarmed if the state Planning Review Team, tasked with county oversight of planning work, is denied an intelligent review of the county’s work. CCCU trusted and relied on the democratic process and the sanctity of the record. An official accuses CCCU of packing the record. Somehow, hundreds of testimonies are missing. What are reasoned citizens to think?