Lawmakers pass rules for marijuana billboards



OLYMPIA – Washington state lawmakers have passed a variety of tweaks to state marijuana laws, including new rules for what can appear on marijuana billboards.

The Legislature on Thursday passed Senate Bill 5131, which awaits the governor’s signature.

The bill would allow outdoor advertisements for marijuana to show only a shop’s name, logo, location and the type of business. No depictions of pot plants or products would be permitted.

The bill also says pot billboards can’t use “images that might be appealing to children.”

State Rep. David Sawyer, D-Parkland, who chairs the House committee that handles marijuana policy, said lawmakers are doing their best not to flaunt Washington’s legal marijuana industry in front of federal officials who still consider the drug illegal.

Initiative 502, which Washington voters approved in 2012, legalized recreational marijuana use in the state for adults over 21.