Letter: Keep it real, responsible




About name-calling — it can be expected from a malevolent child but should never come from a seasoned journalist, whether or not the intended target is disliked, holds a differing opinion or was first to start the name-calling. Whatever became of the “three Rs” of professional journalism: keep it real, keep it responsible and keep it respectful?

In his Aug. 14 column, Leonard Pitts, a journalist “persuader” for 40-plus years and current columnist for the Miami Herald, condescendingly makes his case why he can call President Donald Trump such names as “President Dumpster Fire” and the “boy president.” Pitts then continues defending his invectives against Trump, though not willing to “subject” the reader to an ambiguous listing of the president’s “many extraordinary shortcomings and acts of incompetence.” Real, responsible and respectful, right?

Sadly, name-calling, trash talk, fake news and political bias has become commonplace within the vast realm of journalism. As such, journalism has essentially bottomed-out in the public’s mind, earning a failing grade for honest, professional and respected reporting.

Keep it up, journalists and media managers, and the news-consuming public will relegate the likes of your profession to the gooey sludge of the “swamp,” right alongside Washington, D.C.’s “deep state.”