Letter: Farewell, Vancouver — and thanks




After 37 wonderful years, our family bids adieu to this beautiful community. To this bittersweet moment, I must add a note of appreciation to the patrons, staff and students of the Vancouver Public Schools.

The potential of this region is unparalleled, owing to giants such as George and Carolyn Propstra, Ed and Dolly Lynch, David Nierenberg, Mary Granger, and numerous civic leaders. Also deserving accolades are supporters of the “I Have A Dream” program; local school, community and higher education foundations; YMCA and numerous other organizations supporting the growth and achievement of our young people.

Unlike many communities that define their identity through scenic wonders, entertainment attractions, or business opportunities, this location, which has an abundance of these same attributes, nevertheless has a laser focus on quality of family life, neighborhoods, student needs and educational opportunities. Should this focus endure, Vancouver indeed has a bright future. Thanks to the citizens and taxpayers, a vigilant press, dedicated educators, and a vibrant group of partners and community philanthropists, much should be celebrated.

With an abiding sense of gratitude, I bid farewell.