Letter: Citizens Trumped




Has our wonderful President Donald Trump done anything to better the lives of those he is supposed to serve — we, the people of the United States? No, nothing, nada.

Look at his housing cuts; he slashes housing to the homeless and poor but leaves landlord subsidies alone.

Look at his health care plan; he slashes taxes to the health care corporations and gives them a free hand to cancel any provisions they deem would take away their profit.

Has he shown that he really cares about us? No, not while raking in millions from all sorts of dubious foreign nations.

Has he told the truth since he took office? I don’t think so.

How about his outlandish comments about taping former FBI Director James Comey? Now 40-some days later he tweets — no press meeting, tweets — that it was all a big farce.

What kind of president does stuff like that? Obviously, one who thinks he can get away with it because he’s president and the American people are all peasants and rabble, anyhow.