Letter: Trump proves changes are needed




Six months of Donald Trump’s “presidency” have made it crystal clear that the following three things are urgently needed:

1) A federal law that demands that, in order for anyone to be elected to the presidency, the latest 10 years of his or her tax returns must be made public as soon as nominated.

2) A federal law that requires that anyone elected president must totally disassociate himself or herself from the management of his/her estate, whether by blind trust, outright sale or whatever other means, but not to include having family members running it.

3) A federal law prohibiting nepotism at any level of the federal government, with the only exception being that the first spouse may pursue a nongovernmental issue of his/her choice.

All of these laws must be inviolable, and must not be left to the discretion of the party in power to enforce them, or not.