Letter: Work for sensible rent control




There’s so much controversy over all the homeless people throughout our area, it’s mind-boggling. Churches and agencies allow some homeless to use their parking lots to sleep in their cars at night. News stories and letters to the editor call for solutions to these problems.

The writer of the Oct. 24 letter “Start work for rent control” asked people to contact elected officials to ask for some type of rent control that would help low-income or the elderly afford the rent on an apartment or manufactured home. Most know that calling or writing to an elected official is a waste of energy because most of what is said or written never gets past their office staff.

As much as I dislike government intervention, what I’d like to see is an initiative on the ballot for the next election. Isn’t it time to cut back on the greedy and uncaring landowners and somehow match rent increases to the cost of living?

In the long run, the rental properties would become more secure and profitable by maintaining steady occupancy. Manufactured homes would maintain, or possibly increase, their value while increasing the value and profitability of the park’s owner.