Letter: Welcome investment at the port




The Columbian is not telling the whole story about the proposed oil terminal at the Port of Vancouver. All we hear about is jobs vs. the environment, plus the mud-slinging associated with the election (nothing new there).

Oil and its products are an essential component of our economy. Everyone uses products from oil in one form or another, like fuel, lubricants, plastics and other chemicals, not to mention kayaks and rappelling lines.

Vancouver Energy would help their cause by telling how the terminal project is economically worthwhile for the port and the region, besides jobs. How much is the port getting to handle the oil, partly compensating for the environmental risks?

The NIMBY effect. The terminal is an attempt to get crude oil more efficiently to a market that is running out of supplies. If the terminal is unsuccessful, the oil will go through the other Vancouver, a significant economic loss for this Vancouver.

The chilling effect that denying a major investment here would have on other projects that might come down the road. Some say they want only “clean” jobs, but we usually do not get to decide how and where others invest their money. These same people complain about jobs and investments exiting the United States. We are doing it to ourselves.