Letter: Curb insanity, adopt gun control




Gun control — let’s think about this for a moment. The other day I was discussing the horrors of the tragic events involving guns in the U.S. I stated to a fellow that we need to make it more difficult to purchase weapons of any kind and so on.

His argument was “well he would probably found a way to get those guns anyway.” So that makes it OK? Because a person with mental disorders might be able to get his hands on weapons illegally, we are going to make it easy to get them legally?

The shooter in Vegas had 27 guns, that wasn’t cause for alarm? This killer in Texas had all sorts of issues with violence and weapons charges but nothing. Yes, the Air Force made an error, but if the news reports are correct, he had other issues that should have been cause for alarm.

The man I was talking to has 35 weapons, by the way. Why? Me, I don’t have any, don’t need any and yes, I am a U.S. Army Cold War veteran.

So, is it time to discuss better gun control? Ya think? Probably won’t happen as the NRA still has Congress in its back pocket. Talk is cheap, action is expensive but we must, as a nation, curb this insanity. No one needs 35 guns, but especially someone who has mental issues.

Time to do something now Congress — now!