Letter: Transparency needed on project




The article on the Steigerwald Lake National Wildlife Refuge project (“Habitat rehab treads water,” Nov. 6) sounds like a wonderful collaboration of several government entities.

But it seems to boil down to the mitigation work the Bonneville Power Administration must do for the restoration of salmon. They are under continual pressure to find and fund projects to “save the salmon.” While in itself that’s a great need, there are many other issues involved in this project that seemed to have been overlooked. What about other wildlife, especially birds?

Word on the street is that no environmental impact statement has been done giving people in the communities affected by the project a chance to weigh in on all the issues. Does BPA and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife get to bypass this process? If nothing else they should be held accountable, then if the project gets funded and constructed at least the public will know that we weren’t railroaded by BPA.