Letter: Irresponsible spending is costly




Recent letters have supported our pursuit of the Vietnam War. My point is not to argue the merits of Vietnam, but to question the cost. We still haven’t paid for Vietnam.

I don’t understand how we Americans can be so willing to approve our descent into more debt to control who rules the world. I don’t dispute the need to combat terrorists who threaten us, but indiscriminate war can create more enemies than we can eliminate.

The cost of the Soviet-Afghan war was an important factor in the Soviet bankruptcy. The Afghans still hate the Russians! America is certainly not immune to bankruptcy. For that reason I question the president’s request for a massive increase in defense spending, with a corresponding decrease in border protection personnel. And he wants to cut taxes, too? Is it too much to ask that all elected representatives use basic arithmetic to balance our budget? Irresponsible spending for “entitlements,” defense, etc., can eventually sink our listing ship.

Shouldn’t we use our money to build our country’s infrastructure, instead of destroying others’ and then paying to restore that damage?