Sheriff’s Office: Puppy stolen during sale in Ridgefield

By Jessica Prokop, Columbian Courts Reporter



Clark County sheriff’s deputies are investigating after a French bulldog puppy was reportedly snatched away from a woman during a sale gone wrong.

The Cathlamet woman had agreed to meet up with an unknown woman Saturday near the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds in Ridgefield to sell the 9-week-old AKC-registered puppy for $5,000. But when they met, the buyer gave her an envelope filled with counterfeit money, according to the sheriff’s office.

While the seller was inspecting the money, the buyer — described as being a woman in her 20s or 30s — grabbed the dog from her arms, ran to a vehicle and left. The victim tried to stop the woman but was unsuccessful. A second suspect, also a woman, was driving the getaway vehicle, the sheriff’s office said.

The victim described the suspect as standing approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall, with an odd build. She said the woman is “heavy on the top with skinny legs,” and had her hair pulled behind her ears and bangs in the front. The suspect reportedly had a “bad ‘orange spray-on’ tan, according to the sheriff’s office.

She described the getaway driver as being skinny with a pale complexion and long, straight dark hair with some gray, the sheriff’s office said.

The suspect vehicle was described as being a white convertible Chrysler LaBaron in poor condition with dings and dents.

The sheriff’s office tactical detective unit is investigating.

Anyone with information about the location of the puppy or possible suspects should contact Detective Robin Yakhour at