Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolutions


Avalos, Angela Marie and Avalos-Domingues, Samuel. Petitioner’s name changed to Cates.

Follette, Patricia A. and Walt Charles.

Wager, Laura Geneva and Ryan T. Petitioner’s name changed to Ditthonxay-Marshall.

Lasisi, Nojeem and Victoria Jean. Respondent’s name changed to Lasisi, Victoria Jean Dubay.

Isselhardt, Francis IV and Stacy. Respondent’s name changed to Mansfield.

Nunez, Vilma E. and Lozano, Ramon.

Fitial, Lloyd Limes and Triny Ann Babauta. Respondent’s name changed to Babauta.

Bathke, Kelly Rose and Matthew Michael. Petitioner’s name changed to Lind.

Redinger, Sheila Rose and Kyle Scott.

Trevitts, Robert and Sheila.

Martin, Monte D. and Dana C.

Spencer, Kristen E. and Michael Corey. Petitioner’s name changed to Hiatt.


Thomas, Robyn Rebecca and Cole Allan.

Letts, Trisha Lynn and Scott Anthony.

Vaquero, Miguelina and Vaquero Guzman, Mario Gavino.

Chavarria, Erick Santos and Jennifer Denise.

Perkins, Dylan Lawson and Ashlee Dianna.

Marriage licenses


Davis, John Wesley, 24, Vancouver, and Burgess, Nicole Ann, 24, Vancouver.

Crenshaw, Brittany Rose, 22, Vancouver, and Lien, Connor Gary, 24, Vancouver.

Madronio, Jennifer Cabarles, 30, Vancouver, and Stockwell, Steven Dean, 61, Vancouver.

Kadar, Kiara Clarajean, 22, Vancouver, and Lana, Joseph Anthony, 27, Vancouver.

Steele, Michelle Elizabeth, 51, Battle Ground, and King, Alexander Bishop, 55, Battle Ground.

Rangel, Nancy Arellano, 24, Vancouver, and Lopez Hernandez, Oscar Eddie, 28, Vancouver.

Merrill, Christina Marie, 49, Camas, and McPoland, Christopher Lee, 46, Camas.

Garzon, Antonino Silva, 61, Vancouver, and Ardila, Rosabel Toloza, 55, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian’s policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk’s Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Judges: John Fairgrieve, John Hagensen, Chad Sleight, James Rulli, Robert Lewis, Darvin Zimmerman, Scott A. Collier, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Kristen Parcher, Sonya Langsdorf, Dan Stahnke, Suzan Clark, David Gregerson, Derek Vanderwood and Bernard Veljacic. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Todd George, Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Dayann Liebman, Abbie Bartlett and Jennifer K. Snider.


Bowens, Kennith Cornell, 41, transient, 60 months, 5 counts protection order violation-previous conviction, tampering with witness. (Stahnke, Sept. 15).

Jacob, Lou Marie Cruz, 73, 10708 N.E. 11th Ave., 3 days, theft-1. (Stahnke, Sept. 15).

Boatright, Jon Steven, 59, Tigard, Ore., 16 days, vehicle prowling-2. (Stahnke, Sept. 15).

Frampton, Brett Win, 25, 133 N.E. 18th Ave., Camas, 180 days, possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass-1. (Stahnke, Sept. 15).

Merilo, Kalev Olav, 27, transient, 366 days, possession of heroin. (Veljacic, Sept. 15).