Letter: Use tolling to fix bridge




I disagree with Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler’s bill amendment to prevent interstate tolling. She obviously does not face the daily gridlock on the bridges and interchanges in the Portland-Vancouver area. A federal spending plan needs to work toward funding transportation improvements, not take dollars away from it. We should have tolls on our bridges in both directions, favoring Oregon on the southbound bridges and Washington on the northbound bridges.

For Clark County residents who choose to work in Oregon and for those Oregonians who work here, it would not be unfair to pay a user fee. However, I could definitely see some form of a tax credit for those individuals who are required to travel across the river for their jobs on a regular basis. This could be a win-win situation, providing funds for transportation improvements for both states, and funding for a much needed I-5 Bridge replacement.