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The Columbian's Resource Guide, formerly known as The Answer Book, allows you to add your club or organization to our yearly list of resources.

Even if your club was in past Answer Books, you will still need to fill out this form. In 2016, we are making a fresh start to update our list and make sure the clubs and organizations listed in the Resource Guide are active and ongoing.

Deadline to submit your club/organization is Sept. 1.

Please add your club or organization. You are required to fill out your club or organization's name and which category you want to be included in (you can choose multiple categories).

It is also helpful if you provide a contact name and at least one way to contact your club, either with a phone number, e-mail, website or Facebook page. The more information you give, the more ways people interested in your club or organization can join.

If you have any questions, please contact us at