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Governors: Build a truss bridge to replace I-5 span

This bridge design offers the maximum opportunity for Birds to roost and contaminate/corrode what ever the construction materials are be they steel, concrete, or what-ever.

Just think of walking, biking or Heaven forbid riding the train on the lower deck and dealing with all the contamination/bacteria from all the roosting areas.


Check out the I-205 bridge and put all those lower deck activities in the Box Girders that make the physical structure of the bridge.

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Local View: Herrera Beutler’s stance on fund is wrong

Interesting conversation and political ramblings. I wonder if there is a lot of thought into what goes on today. Take the Sunday Oregonian Article where they note the largest wind farm in the world will be in operation in Oregon in 2012...at a cost of $38,000,000 (yes $38 million) for each of he 35 permanent jobs it will create. Guess one could call that a "Green" economy or a Green source of power. No mention of what the cost of that power will be.

Assume we agree that Social Security is good for all. Can we just go back to its original intent? I do not know the exact figures but is is something..... like collect SS at age 65 and die at age 64.

About the I-5 bridge. The designs I have seen are roosting areas for birds. How does one clean up the corrosive results of that on an "Artistically correct bridge? If in fact a bridge is needed how about a design for the cheapest structurally sound bridge possible? Is it like the I-205 bridge with a Box like girder which would provide a place for a train if that is what is required later. A ride today on Portland's rail; for an old guy like me costs 90 cents; the total cost of that trip is like $100. Who pays that? We do not need rail.

How do you feel about Washington State and all the counties and cities being "Sanctuaries" for Un-Documented folks? We spend $1.5 billion a year on that; while proposing cuts to all levels of education.

Oh! and yes or is it No; the local congressional seat is not Hansen's seat; the last time I looked. That seat belongs to the voters.

Gretchen; take your Audubon Society back to Louisiana and again drill for oil on the ground the oil company gave you; for wild life preservation; years ago on which you drilled for oil and got caught. Yes I have seen you write in The Columbian that that never happened, but it did.

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Fair for men and women?

One of the reasons I enjoy reading The Columbian is for the humor. Like this piece were it notes that: "8 percent of women are unemployed, compared with 9.8 percent of men."

Now that is a real feat or is it feet as the national um-emplyment rate is 9.6% and here in Clark County I thought it was like 12 or 13%.

So I am left to ponder who makes up the difference between the 8 and 9% of women and men unemployed to get to the 9.6% and up. Oh! Yes! It is those aliens? How could I forget. Guess that would make the Alien un-emplyment rate about 15 or 16%. Who is trying to help them?

Is it possible to get a proof reader at The Columbian?

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Another crazy week

When I read Lou's piece about The Columbian missing the effects of government pensions; I thought: Look at all the other things The Columbian has missed lately. The Columbian from their editorials, columns and letters would lead one to believe that Wind is a good reliable source and cost effective way to get electricity for your home and electric car; electric cars are efficient use of electricity, Solar also is a good buy, and do not for get that old reliable Wave Generation for your electrical needs; Hope and Change are all you need to be happy, successful and employed in a family wage job; Hydro dams should be removed; coal plants shut down and oh yes....Ester Short park is very very safe. Oh! and do not forget the famous phony Clark College professor for whom the only answer The Columbian could come up with even with Lou's intervention is that...."That is what Clark college employees do..exaggerate their status"!

If you use The Columbian as a source of scientific and thought provoking inspiration you will be sadly left out.

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Dispute means U-Neek RV, 11 jobs will hit the brakes

Marty Snell says: “we need to pursue compliance or shut it down if there is imminent danger,” he said."

How come eveyone missed this? Where is the "imminent danger"?
Inspect the building, collect the permit fee and do a little drainage work. Case closed!

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Our readers' views

Terry Hashemi, writes: "so many Republicans make this a campaign issue and it scares me to think that they may win."; regarding the Muslim issue and the Mosque gig.

How about she consider that by Muslim law; Muslims believe, practice and advocate that all non-Muslims are Infidels and thus subject to mandatory elimination from the gene pool!

I have been classified as an Infidel and do not care for the prognosis.

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Vancouver port will reap early returns from BHP

Just two questions: 1. With a budget of 59 million dollars and excellent salaries for the port staff and all; when will the Port be able to live without taxpayer subsidies? 2. Right now; where is all the potash going overseas being shipped from and what necessitates this facility in Vancouver, and will the rail network/capacity support such shipments to and through here?

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Our readers' views

You-All! Interesting comments.

From a different prospective.

Considering that some of you think Obama is a great leader and brilliant. Sure. Other presidents have attempted war and none have thought of an end date like Obama. In July 2011 The Combat troops will withdraw or begin withdrawal from Afghanistan. Isn't that just about the smartest thing a President can do.

With that said how does a real soldier do his job with the enemy just holding off till the troops leave and then "raisin" hell with the entire world.

Well that is where General Petraeus (remember what hell Senator Obama gave him back when!!!! and Obama's Move on Dot Org called him General Betray-us?) and General McChrystal conspire to save the day. As has been printed the policy has changed. No July, 2011 withdrawal date now if the situation does not support that time frame.

And! Contrary to what has been posted General McCrystal and Petraeus get their heads together and stop the stupid talk of "The War is over on this date.....Crap. President Obama is not about to Court Marshall McChrystal. Where would he get a jury of his peer to convict him for telling the truth?

Obama can take his job away, but not his rank. McCrystal can be on Kitchen Police till he decides to retire and who can stop him?

And for those that think Obama did or did not refuse to let foreign ships come and help and that was a funding problem..... Get Real!!!!!!! Obama turned down valid offers of help.

And how about the shutting down of all working skimmers for 24 hours to have a fire extinguisher inspection? Sure Obama is a good leader but he could not stop the "halting" of the good work those skimmers were doing. Sure. It is all about having oil soaked Pelicans on TV ever night and stopping skimming and limiting skimming is a good way to do that. Yes?

It is all about leadership and "Knowing Who's Ass to Kick"! Or sending your top lawyer down to find someone to sue. Now that is leadership! And the one who is looking for those subjects is not considered a leader.

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Of teachers and economics

Why this shows as anonymous I do not know. 1020 is my handle!
Lou is his regular self I see; calling himself “fastest idiot”. How appropriate; and a title he thinks is a badge of honor! And of course if you have Lou’s sense of humor you just can not stop laughing at that statement. Let us examine his record. Comes from Chicago politics; and even while talking about teachers continues to support and encourage the use of the word “Hate” in editorials letters and locally written columns (The way I was raised leaves me no room for hating broccoli, names, weather, and wars [which have done a tremendous amount of good unless you are lover of things like the Holocaust]); drunks or just obnoxious people. But then again maybe that is why The Columbian is not in the school I volunteer at weekly. This is to say nothing about Lou coming; invited twice; to a local service club and demeaning, ridiculing and putting down their members, and could it possibly be Lou’s management style or editorial bent that has beleaguered the Columbians bottom line? You also have to love the editorial staff with folks like John Laird writing stuff like ‘for Democrats go to www/eickr.org; or what ever; and for Republicans just forget about it as it is over your heads; just go to the library and read a book’. That is if you can now enjoy the library without the pornography on their computers after The Columbian championed open computers as a free speech right as I recall. Well Lou it is like Obama says “You can not win them all”. Though it is nice to see John Laird has no problem with us running up a large debt for our grandchildren by getting light rail. As for me I will be just happy occasionally taking my ride on the Oregon light rail; which costs someone $100; for less than a $1.00.

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