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I'd rather get accurate and fair news later, than the biased or sloppy work of another newspaper earlier in the day. In my experience, the Columbian has has shown more integrity in their work than others, and for this I'm extremely greatfull.

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When looking back to how it was, take off the rose colored glasses. When I moved here more than 20 years ago, my children and I were stuck in our apartment, waiting for the police to clear the crime scene across the street. It would have been nice if they'd just moved the bodies before noon, but there was alot to document before they could take care of that small piece of work. We moved soon after, immediately after my daughter was attacked (she was 8) and the first week in our new home was shadowed by another murder. Years later, there was yet another murder down the street, then my teenaged daughter was raped in her own backyard, all during the almost nightly break-ins in our home.
Amazing what you see once you take off the rose colored glasses.

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Vancouver man receives 10-year sentence for domestic violence

Restraining orders do not stop rapists or murderers, guns don't care who they kill and are often involved in accidental deaths, and if you live in an area where gang violence is on your doorstep, chances are you can't afford anything better. Contrary to popular belief, the poor are not typically poor by choice, it's just another way we "blame the victim.” I have lived in these neighborhoods and I have had my family victimized by these people. The measures I had to take for resolution were unorthodox, extreme, and not available for most people. The meat of the issue seems to revolve around the outdated notion that women are both “weak and dependent” and superhuman in their ability to cope with extreme situations. The truth is that our ability to cope is in direct proportion to the crap we’re dealt from the day we draw our first breath. The removal of the “privileged male” status has been difficult for millions of people, and I’m sorry for those people not because they feel so marginalized by the lessening of their privilege, but because they didn’t learn how to treat people like people regardless of sex, gender, race, etc…

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Adult smoking rate fell in state, fell faster in county

Do they really think they've decreased anything other than the number of people that buy cigs in Clark County? Do they really think that they've impacted anything in a substantial and positive way? Do they really think they've impacted anything other than their own egos in this?
The truth is, they have impacted a few things. People will now cross the bridge to buy cigs, while other people have left the county (I did) and even more people are noticing how unbalanced these excessive taxes are and where these extremely aggressive attitudes are coming from. They've created a new class of citizens to repress, a new way to segregate society and a new way to feel superior, which is what its REALLY all about.
I expect these candy a$$es to get bored with this band-wagon campaign against smokers and start on a new way to isolate, segregate, and repress another group of people that they can then feel superior too. Aren't they special?

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Child dies from E. coli complications


Thanks for giving "Jacktoo" a direct criticism of the "8 years of bliss" crap. I suppose bliss really depends on what end of the economic divide you live on, but I found it less than blissful, less than tolerable in many ways.

As for this article, I want to thank the Columbian for the update. This is something that the community NEEDS to know about, as our children are more important to us than anything else.

My condolences to the family, though I can't imagine your pain and, I can at least offer my prayers.

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Police log: Man alleges ex-girlfriend stole cat

I see allot of pissing and moaning about what the police do, don't do, should do or shouldn't do. What I don't see is how this all relates to the "story" everyone is pretending to comment on. Someone's cat was stolen, and as someone that has had a pet stolen, I can understand their distress. (My cat made its way back home a few months later, I hope they are as lucky)
What everyone seems to think they are experts at is the police and their job. I have had numerous issues with the police not responding when I had teens at home. They didn't respond when the prowler was creeping outside our window, they didn't respond when the prowler apparently got cold and decided to come in, and they didn't respond when I would come home and find that someone else had been inside. That really pissed me off, but then there are the times they did respond. They responded when my daughter was attacked, when my son turned up missing, and eventually they began to take the break-ins seriously enough to begin responding to those. Over the years I've seen a marked improvement in what they respond too and how fast they respond. I may not always like how they do their job, but I'm grateful that they continue to do their job, and that they continue to try to improve how they do it.

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Camas man arrested in connection with crash that injured teen

Actually, this has nothing to do with MADD, hypocrisy, or whether or not a gas station is liable for selling gasoline; it has to do with loading up a child with liquor knowing they are going to climb into their car (a loaded weapon) and try to drive. To supply alcohol to a noticeably intoxicated person or minor, or to supply alcohol to someone past the point of intoxication, KNOWING that they are going to get into their car and drive, is the same as saying "I want to pay for your medical bills, and the medical bills of anyone else injured when you drive." It also implies that you are willing to be held responsible for any deaths caused, property damage, etc. This became a necessary legal norm since before MADD became a well known organization. If you want think about it from a serious and unbiased point of view, consider the facts:
In the hands of a drunken person, a car is a lethal weapon.
Giving someone too much to drink when it is reasonable to believe they will drive is like giving them a gun with a hair trigger after they have downed a pint of rum.
Giving a drunk person a gun, or the keys to a car is like handing the same to a 3 yr old, nobody in their right mind would do that either.
It is sad that these things happen, but the person supplying the booze will most likely be held liable, along with the person operating the "weapon" (car). I am not attorney, but this is my understanding of the laws revolving around the liability in instances like this.

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Vancouver-Clark parks may snuff out smoking

Actually Quisp, I have enjoyed Goldie's, and Clarkcounties contributions immensely. They both have a shown good deal of intelligence, and have both shown that they feel strongly on the issues and are willing to research and back their points of view. If that doesn't describe a valuable contributor, what does?

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Vancouver-Clark parks may snuff out smoking

So goldie, these studies regarding the connection between "liver cancer, lung cancer, heart disease, dementia and a huge list of other diseases" and second hand smoke were performed in a way that eliminated the use of perfumed products in their studies? I doubt it, I challenge anyone to get the holier than thou's to give up their foofy smelling products for more than a day. The studies are biased, and there is no way around that. You stated (and I'll use your own text here)"nonsmokers outweigh smokers by 75% in America" and my question on this point is, are you referring to the number of people, or the epidemic of obesity in the nation? Could it be more than coincidence? I don't believe the numbers are as accurate as you'd like us to believe, but then I go to a different church.
As for the cigarette manufacturers, they put chemicals into cigarettes that I believe makes them more dangerous than nature intended, so perhaps a better focus would be to target their tactics, force them to remove the chemicals that I believe are so much more harmful than the tobacco is when used in it's natural state. Oddly enough, some of the ingredients used in cigarettes are also used in perfume products, and attributed to allergic reactions people experience in connection to perfumes. I'm sure that's just another coincidence though.

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Vancouver-Clark parks may snuff out smoking

So, after the tyrants ban smokers from the parks, if we smell like smokers, will we be sent to the back of the bus? Will we have to use separate water fountains and step off the sidewalk to let the nonsmokers pass? Just trying to look ahead so I can plan my future.

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