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Moeller bill would legalize gay marriage

This sassy swinging single man has only one thing to say about this story...It's Super!

I'm not ready for marriage yet, but the thought of shopping for wedding dresses makes me just squishy.

Here comes the bride! And he's not wearing white...

Thank you Mr. Moeller and Mr. Murray

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Of contests and hard workers

My goodness Lou, 'The Couv' is so yesterday's news.

Talk about ridin' d coattails of the Daily 'Couve. Not so, Super!

U stick 2 d news, and let the real funny shine w/ d Daily 'Couve...

It's a bucket of confetti in the hands of Rip Taylor. Super!

Bi-4-now ;-}

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Our readers' views

As a gay man and a gay commenter, I wish all The Columbian commenters a SUPER 4th of July!

And remember, web commenting is like your favorite firework.

Be brief...Be bright...Be gone...


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Our readers' views

As a gay and a gay citizen of Vancouver, I agree with Valerie. Ban personal fireworks altogether, except for on the 4th.

[About 95 percent of the United States' 123,000 tons of fireworks imports last year, twice the figure for the 1999 run-up to the millennial celebration -- **came from China**][1].

China, how patriotic is that?

Nevertheless, I do wish everyone a safe and SUPER 4th of July!

[1]: http://www.ppionline.org/ppi_ci.cfm?k...

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Our readers' views

As a gay man and a gay computer user, just disable "pop-ups" in your browser maintenance menu goldenoldie. That should stop those annoying and unwanted pop-ups.

Have a SUPER day!

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Our readers' views

As a gay man and a gay bicyclist, I am dumbfounded by your anger toward bicyclists Tom. Sure, there are bicyclists who don't exactly follow the rules of the road. But, there are far more automobile infractions happening everywhere all the time. Our limited law enforcement resources are far better used to prevent, what could potentially be, deadly disasters on the road among automobiles breaking the rules of the road.

So Tom, lighten up. Get outside, perhaps get on a bike, and have SUPER summer!

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Deputies recover Portland hiker’s body from Gorge

As a gay man and a gay hiker, this is truly a tragic event. I only wish the best for her family and her friends.

I have personally hiked and help maintain this trail for years. I hope the authorities will disclose where her mishap took place. I do not know of any risky drop-offs on this trail, except for the summit. If anything can be done to prevent such a mishap (personal outdoor responsibility notwithstanding) please let the public know.

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Sorry for the late response PadmaRani. Thanks for your kind response and accolades.

Your avatar is lovely.

Let's keep the positive vibe alive and make our comments SUPER!

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WA Legislature toughens cell phone driving law

As a gay man and gay driver, I have never heard of anyone getting a ticket for driving while using a cell phone or texting with a cell phone. Has anyone else?

Multi-tasking in an automobile is subjective. Some can, some can't.

However, the paramount purpose when operating a vehicle is operating the vehicle.

More laws wasting Police time when individuals should Police themselves? Don't know.

Looking forward to everyones comments, suggestions and opposing viewpoints.

This discussion will be SUPER!

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In Our View: Saturday Mail?

As a gay man and a gay mail recipient, could I choose to opt out of mail service altogether? I'm sure there are hundreds of thousands of others who would choose to opt out. Will this save the USPS money?

I only receive junk mail, six days a week! My bills are all paid online and the local library or the web provides all the necessary voting and tax forms. Save the time, effort and pounds of wasted paper and pass me by USPS.

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