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Sorry, I saw you post this before but I got distracted by other comments.

You are mistaken I believe, about when I originally started posting on the forum. I've been on here over a year. When I started posting Alleycat, Basil, Alan, and Scro... I mean Sporty were all still on here. When the the Guys got kicked off the forum I got mad and left for a while because Alan was my favorite.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

Hawkeye, there is more then one level of respect. There is the blanket level of respect that you should have for everyone and from there people either earn or gain it.

The point is Hawkeye, you know nothing of my life though so for all you know you are comparing apples and oranges.

Yes you did say that my "opinion means little or nothing based on your years alone." and I cited the post where you said that a group of children ranging in age from 13 to 19 should be tried as adults. Don't try to skew things when you are confronted by your own hypocrisy.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22


Well it's not everybody but there are a lot of people who use their intelligence to gain power which they then abuse. Look at people like Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Hitler, all very intelligent men who used their intelligence for evil. These are extreme cases obviously but there are also a lot of people you meet in every day life who think they are superior because they are just a teeny bit smarter then the majority, and feel that justifies them bullying or manipulating those who they deem to be of lower intelligence then themselves.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

**"Gen, seriously, you are nothing but a wanna be, wanna know, wanna wanna wanna."**

What do I "wanna" be Hawkeye? Seems to me you are the one getting angry because I don't "wanna" be like you? The only thing I want is to make this world a bit better then it was when I got here and being active in politics and my community seems to be the way to do it.

**"Your opinion means little or nothing based on your years alone."**

Hawkeye, your attacks on me based solely on my age just prove your own ignorance.

**Your life experience amounts to 2 out of 100. And to have the audacity to come here and berate someone who is your senior by a factor of 2.5, your mouth is writing checks that your butt can't cash.**

Why do so many old people believe that the young are the disrespectful ones? I am only disrespectful to people when they have earned my disrespect, people like you on the other hand disrespect close to a 1/3rd of the people in this world simply because we are young.

Your argument that old people automatically have more life experience then the young is ridiculous. I'm pretty sure a 16 year old pregnant refugee on the West Bank has more "life experience" then any 50-something year old man who has spent his life in Vancouver Washington.

On a side note isn't it interesting that according to you I'm not old enough to have an opinion or any "viable input" but 13 year olds are mature enough to stand trial as adults? (April 13, 2012 at 10:10 p.m) Bit of a double standard.

Fro, Kn dalai, Roger

IQ is not a measure of a persons worth, actually a lot of times it seems that the higher someone's IQ is the less compassion and basic human decency they possess.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

Wow, I went to work yesterday afternoon and the comments certainly stacked up.

Elisi, I am not even going to argue with you since it has been proven that I can not respond to your ridiculous, archaic, totalitarian views without people tearing me a new one about my insolence.

I will say this though, my comment did border on the inappropriate and after reviewing it if I could go back I would not have commented on the forum before my morning coffee as I tend to be extra b*tchy and even less tactfully first thing in the morning but, you are the one who threw the "fit". We all know you aren't leaving the forum for more then a few days. Your hissy fit was nothing but an attempt to get people angry and drive me off the forum but that's not going to work. If you were really as insulted as you claim you would have reported my comment to Matt and used that nifty little "ignore" button that I am now using it on you.

Thanks for the support Nailingit and Drift.

Hawkeye to answer your question I am 19. Yes there is a lot I don't know about the world but I guess I'd rather be slightly naive and childish then compromise my morals and integrity which seems to be the "adult" thing to do. I'm not going to bow down to Elisi or you when you have completely whacked out ridiculous opinions just because you are older then I. Now if you were talking about an issue that did relate to age like investing in retirement or whether or not the elderly should have to take a driving test to renew their license (Not that you are that old, just an example) then I would probably put higher stock in your opinions.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22


The things people have gone through in life have nothing to do with age. There are plenty of people my age who have gone through things that would give you nightmares for the rest of your life and there are plenty of people in their 70s who have lived perfectly idyllic lives.

I never said Vietnam wasn't worse, but it has no place being used as a justification for the deaths going on now. When Elisi used that as a defense was when I stopped treating her with respect.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

Dee as I said before the posts to Elisi had absolutely nothing to do with playing devils advocate. My posts insinuating that Hawkeye was a Communist Spy that was playful satire, people who act in the way Elisi was promoting actively undermine what it means to be an American. Countries where it is socially acceptable to report your neighbors for such small insignificant issues as is becoming the norm here end up dictatorships with thought police like the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, North Korea, and China.

And for the record there were a lot worse things I could have said about Elisi then that she is foolish. This is the woman who excused the deaths of 5000 American soldiers by saying that Vietnam was worse so our brothers and boyfriend's lives don't matter.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22


My parents taught me to give respect where respect is due, not simply because someone is older then I am. There are plenty of people on this forum who I do respect: Alan, Golden, Hawkeye, Fro, and Nailingit to name a few (although I argue with everyone at various points).

I don't try to come off as sounding mature or intelligent on here, I sound the way I do in real life. I apologise for spending my time reading instead of running a muck on the streets in gangs?

You're right I am not the most "adult" person in the world but I can tell you I am mature enough to not throw a hissy fit and leave the basement because a child insinuated that I was a stubborn fool. Actually I've been called a HECK of a lot worse on this forum without high tailing it out.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

Sorry Dee,

That was much closer to Gen's views then Sir Alleynit's I will try to serve my office better.

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Open forum, April 16 - 22

Your argument at 10:25 holds absolutely no merit, unless there is something seriously mentally wrong with someone then they are not going to stand by while a child is beaten or a woman is raped.

I wonder what happened to you in your life that made you so self important that you feel it is your job to conduct Oregonian witch hunts and deliberately inflict financial hard ship on your neighbors. But I digress, my mother always told me when I was younger to "Never argue with a fool" and from the posts I've seen you write over the last year I know it would be a waste of my time.

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