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Four teens hurt in rollover crash, collision near Camas

Kids went to washougal high. All were under 17. None were wearing seatbelts. Three hospitalized and released. One should be out this evening. Seems they were coming home from school, a bit early so must have hightailed it out as soon as class ended or they skipped class. Either way, kids do not think it will happen to THEM, until it actually does!

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Wrong-way aftermath

Walls paid with her life, yes but SHE chose to drink. SHE chose to drive. She chose to hurt others in doing so. The Hilton staff CHOSE to keep giving out drinks to make more money. I can never feel bad for the ones who obviously had no regard for others due to their direct actions. Wells and the Hilton staff and the friends of Wells who did nothing to stop her from leaving there and getting into a car. Honestly I am surprised that none of the others at the party killed anyone else when they all drove away after drinking.

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Wrong-way aftermath

The guilty (Walls) and the ones covering for her (Hilton and partygoers) are all the ones who should be investigated further. The victims here, the Gonsalves and the others hit by the drunk, should all not have to worry about paying bills they were not resposnsible for. Yes they would rather it not have happened, and yes they would rather spend their money on other things in life, as we would all rather do. Our society is so corrupt in the way it keeps turning victims into criminals and criminals into victims. Even though Walls is long gone, her insurance company shoud be paying for all and so should the Hilton who obviously kept serving alcohol to the partygoers for MONEY. Columbia Helicopter is a huge company and even though it was meant to be a sad event, the Hilton of course will keep the drinks coming because of the huge money made from this event. Wake up people, this is all about how much money the Hilton made and nothing about their care for society. I will NOT support the Vancouver Hilton now, or in the future.

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Arrest made in Washougal schools bomb threat

I agree with teaching him now. If not he will just become a bad adult with bad intentions. I hope his parents are proud of him.

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Donors help pay for dog’s surgery

To kimos01: Thank you and great points on not having the children when you cannot afford it and about the children and animals being innocent.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my posts.

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Donors help pay for dog’s surgery

To Goldenoldie, thank you. You truly appreciate the life of an animal and you have found comfort in them as I have. Like you, I rescue animals, to save their life and to help mine, because they bring me comfort and joy. In my home, a dog is NOT just a dog.
To deniseatt: I thnak you for NOT knocking those that have chosen to donate to Chopper. Chopper was not being singled out, he is the only one in need of surgery at this time. His problems are most likely due to bad breeding, as you well know, happens. I have purebreds here and mixes and my purebreds are usually the ones with ailments, not the mixes. Although I do NOT support breeding due to how many homeless animals there are in shelters and rescues, I DO applaud you for knowing what to look for when it comes to choosing a dog from a (reputable) breeder. Many people wil see one on lets say Craigslist and buy it blindly, not knowing what to look for. Reputable breeders do not overbreed nor do they advertise on CL or any free paper/online ad. Also every adult dog is fully tested prior to breeding and every pup is health tested AND certified as well. However, that should not deter you from adopting a shelter dog due to feeling you do not know the health of it. Nothing in life is guaranteed and anything CAN happen to any animal no matter the price tag that was on it.
To Urabus: I will not even waste my time on you.
To Belmae: Good points and I am happy to hear you say that a dog helped you and your family through hard times. I also agree that these same people with nothing nice to say are the same ones who abuse their animals because they view the world from a low mentality point and see animals as nothing, and surely NOT a living being.

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Former Philanthropist of the Year Lematta dies

What a nice man/family. I hope they find peace in knowing they did so much for so many. Thank you for helping the Cancer center. It helped my mom two years ago, and know it has and will help many more.

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Donors help pay for dog’s surgery

DaveH: Do us all a favor and dont take any pets into your home and PLEASE dont breed and have children to raise them with your same sad mentality. Ok buh bye now!

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Donors help pay for dog’s surgery

Thank you Jeff_Johnson and I do remember you being the first to write on the comments board started on friday regarding Chopper, and so far all you have said is very enjoyable by my standpoint. I thank you for taking the time to comment again and explaining things to Willie. I have learned numerous times that the ones who make the most complaints are the ones that have not helped at all. So it is in life.

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