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Local lawmakers split on workers’ comp deal

If it [wasn't broken][1], why did we fix it? We already have lower workman comp rates and higher payouts than lots of other states.


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In Our View: Primary Changes

[Instant runoff voting][1] would eliminate some of the power of the corrupt two-party system and eliminate the need for the primary system altogether. What we have now is a system of whomever spends the most money **wins**.
A great system if you are rich and/or connected to the rich or if you are a newspaper that depends on all that campaign spending for its existence.


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Changes are coming to comments on

I use an alias on my own political blog! Why would I use my real name here. With Facebook the audience is at least somewhat restricted on who is reading my posts. When you leave a comment here, any nutcase anywhere can read it, look up my address and come hunting for me or my loved ones.
And since it is very easy to set up multiple Facebook accounts, the change doesn't make any sense because the people who want to be anonymous will be able to continue doing so. It is just not worth the time nor important enough to me to set up a fake Facebook account just to stay anonymous on the Columbian. I might post on non-controversial topics, but definitely will be censoring my political opinions on the Columbian once this change takes effect.
It also bothers me that the Columbian is forcing people to use Facebook in order to leave comments. I can choose to ignore someone's ugly or abusive or stupid comment but I can't read a comment that is never posted because of an idiotic policy on the part of the Columbian.
Maybe I'll just stay away altogether.

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The Columbian Asks: What would you say to the SEALs?

A sad commentary on the mob mentality that is stoked by the corporate media in America. This is reminiscent of the corporate brainwashing that justified the illegal occupation of Iraq. There is so much contradictory information it is difficult to know anything for sure. Therefore treating this like a football game victory is reprehensible.
Kudos to the Seals IF Bin Laden was holding an AK47 aimed at them when they blew his head off. If Bin Laden was standing with his hands in the air trying to surrender, a murder investigation is warranted. Life is complicated. There used to be something called a legal process in this country. You cannot have a war against an individual. Bush, the Supreme Court, the corporate media and the American people have destroyed the due process of law and it looks like it will be a long long time before it is restored after much murder and mayhem.

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In Congress, bridge choice seen as ‘important milestone’

Something tells me the fat lady has not sung.

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In Congress, bridge choice seen as ‘important milestone’

[CPA/Legislators are not pleased][1] Yes they are Rs of course.


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Jacks: ‘I felt like I was falling off a cliff’

I admire Jim Jacks. Too often it is people of true conscience and goodness who are unable to withstand the rampant corruption and mindless theater of being a politician. Former Senator Bill Bradley comes to mind. Instead far too many politicians are only in it for their own selfish motives of self-aggrandizement and greed.
Best wishes to Jim and his family. His resignation is a loss for "we the people" but hopefully his life will be much improved going forward.

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Clark County jobless rate 'disturbingly high'

Let's bring the taxes down for the wealthy, get rid of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Foreclose on all the houses. Put everyone that is homeless in private prisons. Let all the jobs be exported to India and China. Let the banks manipulate the equity markets and pay no taxes. Go to war with all countries that have any big oil reserves. Let the oil companies price fix the price of gas while the banks profit on speculating on oil futures. Let all big corporations pay no taxes. Let uncontrolled bribery to all our politicians. Let the miracle of the market solve all our problems.
Oh wait, we are already doing this. Never mind

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Pridemore's campaign practices bill approved

Great that at least one politician is trying to reform our broken campaign finance system.

To join and support the movement, please visit [][1] and [][1]

[1]: [1]: "Democracy is for People"

[1]: "Washington Public Campaigns"

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Woodland woman arrested for alleged theft of lotto tickets

I think she should have to share a cell with George Bush but get out in 10 days instead of the life sentence he deserves.

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