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Congratulations, I think this is great move on the part of the Columbian which is long overdue! The vast majority of the comments are nothing but negative, and the comment section is a "virtual" cesspool. Hopefully this helps!

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Camas mayor’s new job causes stir

And the Columbian is just fanning the flames and throwing gas on the fire to cause a stir and sell more papers. "Mayor's New Job Causes Stir"...really? By who, Delevar and some crazies commenting anonymously on the internet? Nope, just the Columbian anti-local government Hype Machine just keeping up attack, manufacturing controversy where none exists.

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Camas mayor’s new job causes stir

This is no big deal at all. Paul Dennis wasn't at all involved in the hiring process, so I don't see any way this was a conflict. Whether it's Delevar or crazy conspiracy-minded Columbian commenters making vague accusations of "shady dealings" and "quid pro quo", I say the same thing: BULL. Show me where something inappropriate happened, point out exactly what law was broken or your proof of some mysterious payoff or backroom deal. You can't.

It was just a couple months ago that a La Center city councilman quit the council, and then took a job working for the city of La Center at the wastewater treatment plant. How is that any different?

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City council’s ethics talk reopens old wounds

Jack, I know you read these comments, care to refute that?

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City council’s ethics talk reopens old wounds

As much as it pains me to say it, Jeanne Harris is absolutely right. Burkman and Smith acted like vultures, swooping in and grabbing those choice committee appointments once they (rightly) kicked Jeanne off.

If they REALLY wanted to act ethically, they'd recuse themselves from any potential gain (getting the RTC or C-TRAN seat) if they were acting to remove a fellow councilmember from that seat.

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The Columbian Asks: Whom do you want to chat with?

David Madore, business owner

Mayor Sam Adams

Representative Ed Orcutt

Senator Craig Pridemore

Attorney General Rob McKenna

Lt. Gov Brad Owen

Chairs of both the Clark County Democrat and Republican Parties

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Woodland considers tax to pay for road projects

The Transportation Benefit District worked great in Ridgefield, it's an excellent way to ask voters for approval for specific funding for specific projects. If the community thinks the project is worthwhile, they'll rally behind and support this measure. Good luck!

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Oregon trucker fined more than $44,000

Dang, that's a BIIIIIG ticket!

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C-Tran board gives in to veto threat

I'll be voting a heartfelt YES for buses this year, as that's a valuable service for our community.

Next year, if I am in the voting/taxing area for light rail and BRT, I'll most likely be voting NO. I haven't been convinced of the value of those services.

Lew, I am frankly surprised that you'd throw the baby out with the bathwater or this year's vote to maintain bus service. What's up with that? They've been fiscally conservative, raised fares, made routes more efficient, and eliminated 30+ positions. What more would they have to do for you to support raising the sales tax to preserve bus service?

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Camas mayor stepping down to take new position

Congratulations to the people in East Clark County, you just lost a mayor but gained a helluva good guy as your economic development person. Smart move by everybody involved!

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