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Congress may dock Pakistan aid over bin Laden

McCain is right - a true military leader. Pakistan is despicable and I believe that Pakistan knew Bin Laden was there. The fact that he lived there for years, and the fact that he and his followers felt safe & relaxed there actually gave the U.S. military the "in" they needed to take him out. They let their guard down. This was a tactical advantage, and our guys did an excellent job. But, we must always keep their nuclear weapon capabilities in mind before we take action against them.

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/guidelines/ -- Community discussion guidelines

The guidelines seem reasonable, however, you will probably need to hire a full-time person just to monitor the sidebar conversations.

I disagree with some here about using names versus aliases. If blog sites required all to use their real identities, no one would post anything - it would be a ghost town. I enjoy reading the comments (positive & negative), and I know that these are people's true thoughts - not something sugar coated. athena.

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Washougal firefighters put out chicken coop blaze

Backyard chickens should be encouraged because the eggs are wholesome and healthy, and they taste 100% better than store bought eggs. I hope that this type of incident doesn't prompt local officials to prohibit our urban backyard chicken farmers from continuing this practice.

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Stewart thinks Leavitt could use a dictionary

Hello Lew! athena agrees. I think Leavitt spends too much time on Wikipedia, and not enough time on Merriam Webster. Either way, it's an insult to Jeanne Stewart, and the Mayor should not be standing by his quote. How unctuously hypocritical of him (I suggest Merriam's for that one, Mayor.)

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Marine, a native of Camas, killed in motorcycle accident

RIP brave soldier. Respect.

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Letter: Recognize service in Vietnam

Thank you Lew, and thanks to ALL your fellow soldiers for their service! Freedom isn't free, even in the 70's. People didn't realize that back then. What scares me is that many of the flower children of that era have grown up now, and are trying to ruin the Country I love. athena's sword will always be ready to protect and defend any American who chooses to defend our Nation.

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Potential new road would benefit Fisher Investments

Hi Cami, now I see what you were working on for your deadline. Good article about Camas' roads and the challenges they face. People will benefit from the high-paying jobs, and other benefits like people needing to buy homes, etc. if this company locates in Camas. All of this trickles down to other areas as well.

"Fisher said Camas land tracts, schools and housing also played a major role in attracting his firm."

This shows that companies do place a high value on having good schools in an area, before they decide to build there. athena hates to see our government wasting out money. But our children's education should never be on the chopping block during budget cuts.

I would like to see more money set aside for education especially in Washougal, where they seem to be struggling.

Good for Camas that they spend on education, and they are building roads (better than light rail).

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PDC: Madore, didn’t violate campaign finance laws

"Madore, didn’t violate campaign finance laws"
Madore is my hero. Spending our hard earned tax dollars on loot rail is wrong, and he is fighting to stop it as a soldier fights for their cause. athena's sword is with you, David Madore.

"Vision of the Future" turned out to be the "Nightmare of all Nightmares."
Well said, well said, goldenoldie. golden is also my hero.

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Off the subject - a rant about network TV

Just one more thought for you Cami, there is a lively discussion going on in the comments about Gordon Oliver's article: Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler questioning the FDIC’s handling of local loans. Perhaps since you are the paper's real estate/mortgage blogger, and are familiar with this topic, you have something to contribute to the discussion going on there...

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Off the subject - a rant about network TV

Hi Cami
athena reads your blog, I like most everything you write. Network TV has over-stimulated us to the point of saturation. We should not be adding to our worries here at home, but now that we can have news of absolutely any and every subject in even the most remote locations of the world, we can't stop watching. It's like a train wreck - horrible and shocking, but riveting none the less. What can we do about these problems? Nothing. But yet we watch with interest, cry with the victims, and dial in and donate to the telethon to ease our conscience. We are only human after all.

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