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Couple allegedly imprisoned autistic boys

What do you get when you have an unemployed drug addict on welfare and food stamps? Could the answer be child abuse??? Now we have to pay to lock them up (and defend them in a court of law) after we've already paid for their rent, food, medical, college education, drugs (or should I say "medicine"), phone service, utilities, etc.

We have special needs children in my extended family and we aren't the most educated group of people, but we would NEVER, EVER, EVER cage our children. There is no excuse for this.

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Expert: Autistic boys’ situation not as rare as one might think

Yes, we should be understanding of the unemployed, drug-addicted parents who cage their children. Thank God the "Mom" is seeking a career in elementary education. Yeah, she certainly wouldn't know where to go for help. They need all our support....wait....they're already getting it....welfare, medicaid, food stamps, free schooling, medical marijuana, etc....

C'mon people. This is a simple case of unemployed drug addicts on state assistance who only care about their own selfish needs. If they truly cared about their kids, they would have sought help. Instead, they lied about home-schooling the autistic boys to stay out of trouble. Classy!

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Increasingly, in Clark County: ‘You’re divorced’

Whoops, I meant *Artimus*. Ya see, our country is billions of dollars behind in child support (millions behind in WA state) that the government had to do something about it because child labor has been outlawed. Darn Democrats!

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Increasingly, in Clark County: ‘You’re divorced’

If artius had his way, his kids would be supporting themselves. Classy, buddy!

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Increasingly, in Clark County: ‘You’re divorced’

Yep, women usually do end up with the kids. But if the woman has to support her children regardless of whether or not she has a job, why should it be any different for the man??? It is nothing less than child neglect to fail to support your children. Stop whining and go get a job. The unemployment rate is 10%. That means 90% of the people around here are working. 90%! And if, for some reason, you think you can't get a job, create your own. Become self-employed or become a business owner. If there's a will, there's a way. God knows the women have to find a way regardless of their situation and regardless of whether or not they're getting child support.

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Cause of student’s death may not be known for 2 months

My original post was a simple question: Will they be testing him for inhalants? I was curious if that was standard protocol for toxicology tests. Your offhand comment spurred me to clarify. I didn't want to seem uncaring since this is such a tragic situation regardless of "why" this young man passed away.

I did not make accusations. What my son told me was third party information, so why would I go to the authorities with it given I'm unsure of the accuracy? I was just simply trying to answer my son's questions the best I could.

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Cause of student’s death may not be known for 2 months

oodathunked: The reason I ask is this: My son, who went to Fort up until about a week ago, spoke to a kid who was sitting in the seat with Drake when this happened. According to this kid, Drake was sniffing paint, started seizing, and then passed out. I don't know if it's true or not, given it's third party information. I also don't know if this kid told the police what happened. I was just curious if testing for inhalants was protocol for toxicology tests. From what my son heard, they tried resuscitating Drake for an hour at the school and Drake died in the ambulance before he ever reached the hospital. However, this article states Drake died later that day AT THE HOSPITAL. My son is very upset about this. Drake was well liked at school.

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Cause of student’s death may not be known for 2 months

Will they be testing him for inhalants?

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Cities to ask residents to pay more

The federal, state, and local government needs to learn how to budget like the rest of us. I don't mind paying taxes, but this is ridiculous, especially in a time of great recession. Excess spending is everywhere. For instance, instead of using textbooks, my children bring home worksheets from school. Imagine how much money it costs in paper, ink, and toner to print up all those worksheets for all those students all year long. A text book is much less expensive. There are so many ways to cut costs, yet all we ever hear is how our government needs to spend more, increase taxes, etc. Why can't Republicans and Democrats work together to come up with real solutions instead of speaking the mindless babble-agenda of their parties? How hard is it really to do the right thing for the people?

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