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Wander if the negotiator of the Kaiser contract still has his job? Hope it keeps him up at night knowing he contributed to people loosing thier jobs. Should check at the end of the year and see what kind of bonuses are handed out for upper management. And I am sure your health care won't change while highly trained nurses are doing data entry, sad.

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Gotta love the overly educated people coming out to protect their gun rights that have in no way been reduced or taken away from them. Pretty sure most intelligent people understand new gun laws will not curb the violence and no one will loose the right to bear arms. I would be the first to fight that one, but spending all the time talking about what if is getting to be a laughable issue. Guess I better stay indoors because I could be hit by a bus. I own guns but am not worried they will be taken away, guess there seems to be many other things to worry about, maybe working, paying the bills and raising my child.

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