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Economic development campaign taking greater hold

Yet every day, the two bridges linking Portland and Vancouver are packed with the estimated 60,000 commuters who live here and work in Oregon.---
Isn't this the most important statistic? It means Clark county has the talent pool needed to lure business to the area but not the jobs to keep it's residence at work. There is no such thing as partnership in economic recruitment with your main competitor. This is the equivalent of Burger King and Mickey D's co branding the big mac. Only Micky D's wins. This is embarrassing for Vancouver. "If you can't beat em, join em".. as the youth would say "epic fail for the Couve".

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Sheriff to spearhead community task force on Value Motel

I fail to see the point of the article. The Value Motel being a high crime area is not news, a mobile home parks getting high volume police calls is not news. And crime rates are up county wide as is the case in all recessions. So all that this article has caused is harm to the property and business owners in the area that are taking care of their buildings and businesses. The Columbian just turned the obvious nature of the area into a wide spread panic. Excellent contribution to the economic recovery once again Columbian. Why not lease a billboard and write "Do Not come to Hazel Dell, poor people live there".

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Gov. Gregoire to travel to Germany for BMW meeting

Very productive.

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Commercial real estate market flat in 3Q



This is why they coined the term you can't argue with STUPID!

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Violent crimes increase in Vancouver

Violent crime increases in every recession. Overall this number is probably lower than expected.

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Consultant offers keys to downtown revitalization

Remmy- Our community is great because it is a great place to live for all. Even pessimists.

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Consultant offers keys to downtown revitalization

golden- I agree 100%. My fingers are crossed, the battery acid attack did not help our cause.

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Consultant offers keys to downtown revitalization

The new owners of Peppers will be do a complete remodel of the 8th and Main corner. The ultra sport bar and grill called "the MAIN event". If your not in the mood for lively, energetic crowd, cool your heels at Tommy O's for some acoustic sounds for happy hour. Downtown is limited on retail, with very limited options for location for quality retailers, but there is food, drinks, happy hour, the park, Starbucks, Anytime Fitness, Willows, movie theater, new Library (we all wondered how that was going to be paid for until they asked for more property tax dollars), the point is downtown is happening and the new Waterfront project is going to change the face of Southwest Washington. The only thing decaying downtown is it's past image. Support the revival by sharing the vision.

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Cantwell stumps for Democratic causes


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Pepper’s Taqueria to close

Correction: Peppers is not closing, it is being sold. So this is not a new bar/restaurant. It is a remodel and menu enhancement. Normal in the restaurant business. Downtown is trying to stay open after 5 pm. Another solid place for happy hour and sports will assist in that effort. If you read closely it also said 15-20 jobs, which is 15-20 people off unemployment. Mike Llorente has just provided an excellent example to our community which truly ends recessions. Hand outs and hand out extensions solve nothing.

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