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Open forum, Dec 31-Jan 6

Great comparison. obama and Chip Kelly. You can't convince nail that you may be correct. From his rantings, it is obvious that even if the democrats controlled both House and Senate, all governor's positions, mayors, commissioners, student body offices, etc., he would still find something for which to blame the Republicans. The democrats don't seem to realize that this election was not a blowout, even though they seem to think it was. Almost half the people who voted, didn't like obama or his policies and we will continue to do our best to make life miserable for him and his puppets.

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Open forum, Nov 5-Nov 11

obama doesn't compromise. He threatens and if he doesn't get his way, uses executive order. He has no clue how to bargain and won't unless he has no other choice. We are probably heading back into a recession and obama and only obama will be at fault when it happens. I'll bet he has never said please or thankyou and really meant it. He has acted more like a dictator during the last four years and it will get worse over the next four. I have one question. What is this guy going to do when his second term is over? Since he has no skills, what so ever, he will probably remain a career politician, or go to work for one of his special interest buddies that he has been wasting our hard earned tax dollars on.

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Open forum, Oct 8-14

Has Biden called in sick yet? Maybe obama will have to do it for him.

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Open forum, Oct 1-7

obama lost by a landslide. Debate number two should be interesting. Romney just has to be himself. obama is now on the offensive. Of course, after Ryan completely destroys Biden next week, obama may have a lot of damage control to do in order to offset Biden's incompetence. He will definitely have his hands full.

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Open forum Aug 27-Sept 2

Well, whether or not you like Ryan, after watching and listening to Ryan's speech this evening, Biden should find a way to withdraw from the Vice Presidential debate. He hasn't got a chance against Ryan. Although, if he smoked enough pot, he may think he won.

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Open forum Aug 13-19

Whatever gun you use, get one you aren't afraid of. Too many times gals, or even guys, listen to some blow-hard and buy a 44 magnum or some other high recoil caliber. After firing it a couple of times, they are afraid of it and can't hit anything. The enemy will kill you if you hesitate. At home, the best weapon is a twelve gauge shotgun with a short barrel and some no. 4 or similar shot. It's probably the best all around weapon for self defense, but, it's kind of hard to conceal. At any rate, as stated earlier, practice, practice, practice, and unless you have some kind of killer instinct, you will still most likely lose the gun fight, because you will think before shooting while the felon shoots first and moves on. And the Columbian can take their captcha and shove it.

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Open forum, June 11 - 17

obama is a traitor. He has and will sell the country out for votes, which is what he has been doing for the last four years. Of course you will never convince the dyed in the wool obama puppets of this. I pray that it comes back to bite them all in the butts, hopefully before his arrogance and his minions completely destroy the country. After this last move by the dictator wannabe, I will vote for anyone who is running against him and urge everyone I see to do the same. Hopefully there will be enough of us to do it. Otherwise, this once great country is in deep doo doo.

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Open forum, May 7 - 13

I don't see what all the arguing is about the Republican's presidential candidates. None of them can beat obama. The only way he can lose is if he withdraws. He has already got the Mexican vote, the women's vote, the black and young vote, although he has alienated a lot of them because his promises from last election didn't pan out. Of course the media is also solidly on his side. Even so, the popular vote was close last time but the electoral vote is all that counts. I think the only fair electoral vote would be if each county got one vote. The democrats don't like that idea. If that would have been the case last election, obama wouldn't be in office. Unfortunately, the country people are outnumbered by the city slickers and we all have to pay for their unwise decisions at the polls.

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Open forum, April 9-15

It's things like this Zimmerman fiasco that cause white people to become nearly as racist as the blacks. Maybe he should file a lawsuit against the televsion networks, Jesse Jackson, and even obama, since all; of them have already decided Zimmerman is guilty. It's for sure, he can't get a fair trial, which is guaranteed under our constitution. Apparently, even obama doesn't know that.

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Open forum, April 2 - 8

Birth control is not a right. It is a responsibility. We would be better off sterilizing every female who bears a drug baby or has more than a couple of kids and is on welfare. These losers don't deserve to have children. As far as churches forcing their beliefs on their members, they can't unless the members want it to be so. You have to be a very weak person in order to let any organization, church, government, etc. force their beliefs on you. In other words, you are a good candidate for becoming a slave. obamacare is forcing people to buy insurance, which means every deadbeat in the country, legal or not will have healthcare provided by those of us who work or have retired from work. Fair is fair, but obamacare is not. I take exception to supporting deadbeats. They are what got his arrogance elected in the first place and that sure hasn't worked out for us, has it?

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