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I just noticed that this comment board appears to be screwed up. My previous post was regarding the article on legal use of deadly force.

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I would suggest readers of this article seriously consider going to the link provided and read the actual statute. The writer's interpretation is badly flawed.

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Petition aims to prevent light rail

IF Portland wants this "free loaded crime train" to enter Vancouver. we should insist on one demand: that the City of Portland pay a $1000 fine for every passenger caught de-boarding in Clark County without proof of fare. This money would go into a fund to pay for us to monitor for criminals riding over here for free just to victimize our community.

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The New I-5 Bridge: Beauty or Beast?

After driving north through Portland on I-5 and seeing the Fremont bridge and it's connectors, it occurred to me that no matter how much they try to design a "pretty" bridge, it will look like crap in 10 years when all the paint is faded, stained and peeling. If we can't maintain the infrastructure we already have, how well will we do with this?

That said, the truss design looks like it would be expensive to scrape and paint.

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Bridge planners look to lessen impact on island

If the "planning" people just keep on going the way they are, there won't be any impact on the island at all, we'll all be beaming from place to place with Star Trek transporters before that stupid bridge gets built.

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