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"I think that should end the matter entirely"

I'm sorry Ms. Stewart - it may end this matter for you, however, why is it that yet again we are having a council member, the mayor no less, making apologies. I believe that when a person says something you can't take it back. The bullet has been fired, there is no undo. Words are very powerful for good and bad. The difference between them speaks volumes to the core of a person. Or as the Bible says: Book of Proverbs chapter 23 verse 7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” The apology was great, but let's see a true change in behavior towards others. Much harder to do and not as easy to come by as words.

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Public records requests by man costly for city

Stop! You're killing me! LOL My ribs hurt - wait, let me catch my breath.

Between Vancouver City Council and The Columbian and citizens, there is more drama, collusion and suspense than any soap opera on TV.

This article covers so many areas.

Right off the bat -

the mayor wants to scare citizens
berate the requestor (by the way - isn't the requestor private information?)
mislead persons who don't know any better how to retrieve emails
change the rules/manipulate the system like he did with Citizen Comments at City Council
limit citizens free speech and rights

Have I left anything out?

Sorting and finding Emails 101

Come on people - aren't we living in a e-world? Isn't what this is all about? Easier access to information?

Let's do a review -

- Emails are electronically archived
- A Search Term and Filter can be used to come up with the documents [documents refers to all communications these days] this is no longer a paper communication

- Let's do the math: Hypothetically - 365 days/3 possible emails a day = 1095
- a person can do this in possibly one, maybe two days

Determining Cost:
- hmmm, let's see - one person/day/estimated cost - $7500 cost per day at 937.50 an hour. There you have it. They pay their staff way too much.
- No staff person expert enough to do this? I'm sure someone out in the public can do for much less and you'd be providing someone with an income.

So, since the Columbian/Mayor put it out there, please complete the story and ask for a recap after the request is filled. That would be a big help to better inform the citizens.

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Stewart cut from C-Tran board

Why is it that doing the right thing is being called "rogue"? Right on Councilperson Stewart! You've got more balls than the boys on the council.

I've always wondered how on earth the council determine they are supporting "the people"? Do they get their information from the back of a cereal box?

Speaking at the city council is like shouting into a bottomless pit - stuff goes in, nothing comes out. Hello, anybody there?

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Shocking news: Tolls are a tradition!

I want to comment on something different. John - shame on you for perpetuating the image/attitudes/thoughts of people who disagree, with horrible words like "torch lighters" and "pitchfork pounders".

So people who disagree and show good cause for not following the herd mentality are called names? I've always heard that calling names and swearing are a sign of lack of intelligence and lacking sufficient vocabulary.

No wonder we are such an antagonistic society when vile words are spoken into the universe. Thank you for your contribution to the hateful world rather than being part of the solution. How sad.

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Riley, Jacks in 49th District

Don't you find it interesting that on transportation issues, Jacks and Moeller missed or voted no?

Missed Votes 1 to 4 of 4

* Did not vote on 2009 House Bill 2211 (Addressing the authorization, administration, collection, and enforcement of tolls on the state route number 520 corridor). Passed in the House (52 to 42) on April 25, 2009. [Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"]
* Did not vote on 2009 House Bill 1751 (Concerning rural sales and use tax collections). Passed in the House (95 to 0) on April 25, 2009, House agrees to Senate amendments. [Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"]
* Did not vote on 2009 House Bill 2211 (Addressing the authorization, administration, collection, and enforcement of tolls on the state route number 520 corridor). Passed in the House (52 to 43) on April 25, 2009, House agrees to the Senate amendments. [Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"]
* Did not vote on 2009 House Bill 2295 (Concerning the organization of the Department of Social and Health Services ). Passed in the House (57 to 35) on March 23, 2009. [Who Voted "Yes" and Who Voted "No"]

Missed Votes 1 to 4 of 4

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Riley, Jacks in 49th District

> As for Jacks, the soft-spoken yet
> effective (considering it was his
> first term) legislator has shown a
> great capacity to work toward
> bipartisan solutions.
Really? Mr. Jacks mirrored absolutely everything Mr. Moeller voted on in the legislative season. And was coincidentally absent or did not vote on transportation bills

> This comes from his 11 years’
> experience serving the needs of
> constituents as he represented local
> and state office-holders.

A position created and appointed to for him by Christine Gregoire. He as a "listening ear" for Gregoire.

> On business matters, Jacks does his
> homework. He visited **50 businesses in
> 50 days and learned, among other
> lessons, that 94 percent of the
> business people he contacted support
> replacing the Interstate 5 Bridge.**
> Jacks supports light rail and tolls, as a necessary evil.>
Hmmm,did he **only** contact businesses that support "the replacement of the I-5 Bridge" or were they supporters of the proposed CRC bridge with the light rail and high cost to be paid on the backs of taxpayers? If you are going to take a poll, you poll people of all views, not just the ones you like.

His opponent, Bill Cismar, is running as a no-tolls candidate. A former high-tech engineer, he has been **unemployed for two years**, **[forgot to mention that he was a victim of the current business climate and was downsized - a whole lot different than being just unemployed]** pursuing an associate’s degree in data network administration at Clark College **[as part of a training for a new industry as required by law for unemployment]**. Cismar’s website lists no experience in civic issues or events. **Well, no, but he has more world,strategy and business experience than Moeller and Jacks put together when it comes to seeing the big picture.**

And talk about seeing the "big picture" - How about the Columbian telling the big picture rather than just the parts that they find favor with!

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