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is happy to be featured in @SustainableBzOr - "Saying is one thing, doing is another: Implementing sustainability programs with success" http://bit.ly/afrzYp

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New Blog Post: Using Sustainability Metrics To Drive Business Performance, Innovation & Stakeholder Satisfaction http://bit.ly/9EnWip

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Resources for starting a business in Clark County

Libby- thanks for sharing this information> Its tough out there for small business start-ups and incubators are an innovation and collaborative vehicle for many. Best- Dave Meyer (Twitter- @DRMeyer1)

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invites all to new blog post- Finding “Top Line” Business Value Through Sustainability http://bit.ly/auu1vc

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I welcome all inquiries to team, collaborate, and support business growth in an efficient, community based and environmentally sustainable manner. Feel free to connect at dmeyer@seeds-global.com. In addition, I invite you to visit my web page, connect via Twitter (@DRMeyer1) or join me on LinkedIn (http://www.linkedin.com/in/drmeyer)

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