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I've often wondered if those calling the light rail the "crime train" have ever actually been across the river and ridden the MAX. I have taken every line from end to end just for fun with my grandkids. Have they ever been to any vibrant big city and seen the benefits mass transit provides? I have been hoping for 20 years to see light rail come to Vancouver. I still hope to see it before I am too old to climb aboard. I was fully on board for the original plan that was going to go right up main street and all the way to WSU Vancouver. I can hardly imagine the cost savings and financial benefits to Vancouver had we built that original plan. Unless everyone who lives here wants to drive their 18 year old kids to the state border and never let them, or their new families come back there is no stopping growth. We can do it right....or keep building roads that are full the instant they are completed. (Drove right under that SR 503 new St. Johns overpass tonight --I love it---and a 1/4 of a mile east had to slam on my brakes for the 1/2 mile of traffic backed up at Falk Road.) Ok....I'm rambling.....but I would happily pay more taxes for a great light rail/bus system. "Crime Train"....really???.... I looked up all the national studies, and there is not evidence to support those claims. Its PORTLAND...where many of us work and play.....not an alien world.

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