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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

When stores ask "Washington resident?", it's because they have to press the tax exempt button BEFORE the transaction begins. Would you like to be stuck behind a tax exempt person because they forgot to mention they are from Oregon, then have to void the entire transaction only to have it re-rung?


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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

cranky, really, do you think there are enough jobs here (in Vancouver area) to support the seemingly outlandish lifestyles people have, to pay for their $500k homes and $30k vehicles? Factor in the expensive vacations every year, a cell phone for every man, woman, and child in the home (yes children, even 1st graders on my school bus have them), designer clothes, etc. Some people DO need to cross the river to work. I'm fortunate, I don't. Doesn't sound like you do either.

That doesn't make them an idiot, it just makes them dishonest if they don't register their vehicle in Washington.

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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

Mrs_T...YES! LOL

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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

Also (pdxtech91), it's Oregons border cities that factor in the discount on vehicles to entice us Washingtonians to buy cars there. Because they know we have to pay it no matter what, when we register our vehicles in Washington.

You can really be an idiot sometimes!

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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

pdxtech91, are you serious? They don't "factor in the exemption." Oregooonians (oops, slip of the key stroke) simply show their "valid" ODL and are exempt from paying Washingtons sales tax on the vehicle at the time of purchase. Why do you think there are so many cheaters donning Oregon plates, yet living in Washington? To get Washington tags on a vehicle, they would have to PAY SALES TAX at the time of purchase.

Furthermore, if someone re-registers their vehicle in Oregon, then moves back into Washington, they have to pay sales tax yet AGAIN, unless they can provide documents showing tax was previously paid. If there is no proof, the sales tax collected is based on the value of the car.

That is exactly why there are so many cheaters (Oregon plate holders) living in Washington.

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Post office machine frustrates local last-minute tax filers

I just used that machine yesterday (no, not for my taxes), it's NOT that tuff! Sure, it asks several questions but if you take the time to read the SHORT questions thoroughly, it's a piece of cake. They are yes/no questions, DONE!

OK, now I want cake.

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Construction to shift traffic on N.E. 112th Ave.

Get used to it folks, roundabouts will be going in at both 39th and 44th streets on 137th Ave also. Not sure when, but it will happen. They were designed FOR bikes (and pedrestians) to be IN THE CROSSWALKS, not on the street. Don't take a chance on your life.

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Deputy details alleged assault with patrol car

“How can you possess something you accidentally found?,” Sowder said.

He accidently found the rifle? Did he "accidently" steal the car?? I don't think so. He needs to be charged and convicted to the fullest.

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Court records detail autistic boys’ imprisonment

Agree 100% with USMCbrat. These two PUTRID AND DISGUSTING examples for parents need to be locked up for a very long time. There are too many special need programs to even begin to count, there is NO valid reason for this abuse and neglect, just LAME EXCUSES!

I'm also disturbed that the biological mother wants them back. If the children were locked up like animals from October 1st to April 12th, where was their mother then?, and why did the father have them??

I may be way off base, but I'm wondering if these two poor excuses for parents got welfare benefits and foodstamps for their family. Just another scam that us tax PAYING citizens are funding? Only time will tell, I just hope The Columbian does a better job of editing the story next time.

Bad, bad Columbian, PROOF READ!

FYI foodstamp recipients, you can puy three bags of REAL potatoes for the price of ONE bag of potato chips, you just have to get off your lazy ass and PREPARE them!

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