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I love this place. Generous wine pours, outstanding home-style food, not bad at all for a small, packed place with only one server. That's right, the "ratio" five nights out of six, is one server, and she rocks.

I've never noticed if she dumped a teaspoon of leftover olive oil but she is always accommodating and friendly.
I think calling the server who works harder than the minimum wage they are paid, to give you professional service with a smile, "tacky", is a bit tacky, pretentious.

This review, while not all negative seems to nit-pick in comparison to her review on Provecho's in Vancouver,(which is surprisingly much more positive) THEIR service wait is unreasonable, food is boring at best, and the 2-3 servers rotating your table all have amnesia. It's like watching the movie "Memento" only you paid $70 and the meal sucked.
So on all the negativity to P.S.C, really consider the source.

I digress, P.S.C is still the only reason I would drive to Ridgefield to eat.

Give em' some love, and keep a good place open.

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