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Very sad to hear of this death, but the sadness is exaserbated by the lousy, biased "reporting" above. For people who don't know, the majority of auto/MC accidents, by far, are caused by a car not yielding the right-of-way to a MC, most commonly turning left into their path. But without knowing ANY specifics about this incident, you've shown ignorance about motorcycles, to the point of using an inflammatory description (a "Ninja-like" bike): to the non-riding public that means something fast. You don't even know how to properly describe what a motorcyclist does -- they ride, and not drive, a MC. If you're going to make suppositions without knowing the facts, how about trying your bias the other way. For instance, say, a woman in an SUV drove into the path of a young motorcyclist riding SB on 136th. He was unable to stop, and was pronounced dead on the scene. See how that works? If a proper investigation is done, electronic forensics can determine from his digital speedometer how fast he was riding at the time. The non-riding publics has absolutely no clue about the speed of modern motorcycles. Just because they are capable of going fast doesn't mean it happens all the time, everywhere. How much do you want to bet the first thing out of that woman's mouth was, "Oh Officer, I didn't see him." Well, people, START SEEING MOTORCYCLES.

I have read literally hundreds of articles across the country, and despite actual evidence to the contrary, have seen over and over again the description blaming a MC. Motorcyclists are constantly marginalized in this manner, and as supposedly professional reporters, you should be better than that.

My condolences to the family of this young man.

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