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Open Forum, Dec. 5 - 11

Nice knowing ya all but I got my pink slip from Lou this am.

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Open Forum, Dec. 5 - 11

I totally agree roger, it's better than Lou's scanner news by far!

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Open Forum, Dec. 5 - 11

"The rate increases would also tangentially put money into Vancouver’s ailing general fund. Some of the 20 percent utility tax — collected on gross receipts — goes to the city’s general fund, which pays for police, fire, parks and other general services. City Chief Financial Officer Lloyd Tyler said Monday afternoon he did not have information available on how much the general fund would benefit from the increased revenue."

mrd, the key here is that they are robbing Peter to pay for Paul and putting stuff in the general fund, besides raising property taxes. I totally agree when they are giving out way to many freebies with the promise of we will add to the company and just maybe add more jobs? The Public would faint at all the freebies companies get to keep their companies in that given area. It's just passed onto the backs of the property owners in the line of higher taxes, those that do work there get stuck with the bill?

luvithere, being an older worker sucks!! I have watched some younger workers turn up their noses at the harder work jobs or companies hire the temps to find they move on faster than they can keep them, all the while they loose money due to they can't keep good help. I did many years as a temp and I hate to say it, they are the worst workers in the world. Many of them kept telling me to slow down, why work you tail off??

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Open Forum, Dec. 5 - 11

Thanks Roger, I just shake my head at that reporter and would like to ask where she took her government class from? It appears that the C reporters don't go out or research any further than the scanner or emails?

Luvithere, when you get my age they look at you really strange if you apply for min wage and are way over qualified. I just love it when the employer states they want a younger worker, heck the last job I had the twenty somethings couldn't keep up and I ended up doing their jobs too.

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Open forum, Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

roger, did you catch the printed artical/blog by Andrea Damewood called 'Scandal: Leavitt meets with advisers??' I'm so confused, I thought the City Council members were Leavitt's advisors but yet he set up 'His' advisory group on next year's C-Tran vote on light rail. Then goes to tell them what he did, nothing like putting his players in place??

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Back Fence forum

DeeLittle, I would move them while they are still dormant, let's say early February as the ground starts to thaw some? How big are they, do ya think a couple old gals could move them?? Ya know there is a greenhouse group at Columbia River and I'm betting if you called they might be able to help? Or even a hort group at Clark?

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Open forum, Nov. 28 - Dec. 4

I thought y'll here would be interested in this article as to where Washington State is ranked.

17. Washington
> State debt per capita: $3,719 (18th highest)
> Pct. without health insurance: 14.2% (25th lowest)
> Pct. below poverty line: 12.5% (tied for 18th lowest)
> Unemployment: 9.1% (16th highest)

Washington state has moved down one slot from last year’s rank, partially due to an increase in unemployment and an increase in poverty rate. On the whole, the state performs better than average in most categories, including household income, violent crime rate and high school graduation. And while the state does not make it to the top 10 in any single category, it also avoids the bottom 10 in each.

Source: FBI Uniform Crime Report, Violent Crime Rate (2010)

Read more: Best and Worst Run States in America — An Analysis Of All 50 - 24/7 Wall St. http://247wallst.com/2011/11/28/best-...

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Back Fence forum

What an awesome day to pull apart the north rain-barrels and clean them out due to all the junk coming off the trees. I even got the deck bleached to get the moss off. Loving this weather to finish up projects that I thought were done but finding more can be done! Hope everyone has their fall chores done??

I want to thank the County Crew for cleaning out our storm drains!

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Roger, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss.

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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

You can find public notices in our Classifieds section.

1. Click Classifieds in the navigation bar
2. Click Merchandise
3. Check the public notices box
4. Choose the date range you'd like from the drop-down menu, you can choose All classifieds, New today, or Past 7 days.

This will bring up all the local public notices. You can also search all public notices statewide if you click "Search Washington state public notices."

Anything older than 7 days is in the archive: www.publicnotceads.com/WA

I made a request for the Public notices from Matt and Libby as it would be nice to read them online for those of us that don't have the written copy. Libby was so kind to point me as to where to find them. These are important for all to have to read. Thank you again for helping!!

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