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Open forum, Nov. 21-27

Karma, you're welcome! I'll try to answer your follow up questions as best as I can.

hawkeye, the "kick" was not intentional. Everything we've built this year on the website has come on the foundation of what we had before. I'm very grateful to have loyal readers who let us know what they want. We try hard to meet those requests and continually improve the site. Those of you who prefer to interact anonymously in this forum still have a very valuable place here. And I thank you personally for your contributions.

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Open Forum, Aug. 22-28

Hi all, check out the new forum for discussion C-TRAN matters, brought to us by none other than our Goldenoldie.

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Open Forum, July 11 - 17

buckeye Yes, Andrea is tweeting from the council meeting. It's part of our larger social media effort in the newsroom. All the reporters are setting up Twitter handles for their beats and covering events live via Twitter.

Golden and Manthou I'm glad you like it here in the basement. We definitely appreciate your contributions here. We're working on getting a better forum system in place as we set up online communities for our various areas of coverage.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

Sporty We do have guidelines for posting to these forums but aside from direct personal attacks, profanity and a few other restrictions, we don't pull comments. The idea was to clean up the forums but not get rid of the sometimes passionate and mostly entertaining and thoughtful responses. It's OK with us if things get heated sometimes, as long as it's within the guidelines.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

The Columbian isn't in the business, nor does it want to be, of verifying real Facebook accounts. We leave that to Facebook, which does have a policy that authentic ID's must be used to create an account. If you're found to be in violation, others can report you and your account can be disabled. We do want to ensure that we're getting as close as we can to a real names policy. Fake names and photos aren't the only tip-off here. In the end, the quality of your participation is just as important.

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Open Forum, June 27- July 3

PadmaRani We aren't asking Facebook commenters to post a real photo, only to help us confirm that they are real. If the commenter doesn't have a photo and doesn't display their friends it's hard for us to know otherwise. One or both of those states prompts us to send a polite message asking for a phone number or a phone call.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

buckeye Thanks for posting my tweet and for following me on Twitter! The slogan is part of our larger strategy to engage more with the community online and offline. The next few months will be making much progress in our community development. Stay tuned!

Allen We're not integrating FB comments and anonymous comments because that would defeat the point of switching to FB comments. We're promoting the use of real names, as best we can enforce it, which is also why you see comments from organizations disappearing from the site. We welcome organizations to comment, but are asking individuals within the orgs to post.

basil The order of FB comments on our site is not under our control. We'd like to present it in reverse chronological order but we're using the most basic version of Facebook comments plugin and therefore can't change it. When and if we upgrade, we can customize it. This is a trial of the feature and we'll see where it goes from here.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

manthou We try to refresh the carousel once an hour if there's something newsworthy to post. If there's a lot of breaking news it gets updated more often. Less news, less frequent updates. You may have noticed, too, that we've been experimenting with what kinds of content get "promoted" to the carousel. We've been putting in a lot more wire news in an effort to keep it fresh and relevant. This means that fewer feature articles get posted to the carousel, and more hard news stories are rotated in.

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Open Forum, June 20-26

Basil - we sent that TED talk around to the Web team a few weeks ago and it spurred an interesting discussion on personalization of the news. The filter bubble is not a new concept, though Pariser has a book out so it's getting more attention. I've also heard an interesting rebuttal on WNYC's On the Media that challenges Pariser's conclusions. Food for thought.

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