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Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here

Many years ago, a found myself running through the streets of a small town in North Carolina, Tabor City, in fact, also known by other North Carolinians as "Razor City." No telling where you might have seen me there, because as often as the opportunity arose, I walked the tracks, swam in the “Mill Pond" or chased “Wardy” down the street as he rode his bike through town selling boiled peanuts. In fact, the sound of “boiled peanuts, get your boiled peanuts” still rings loud and clear as one of my fondest memories of Tabor.

My dad, Hoyt Watts, was born there as his "Crate Factory Hill” tales will indicate, and as time passed, I developed my own tales of Tabor making it, in many ways, my home away from home. My memories are fond ones because it was the perfect environment for the free spirited kid.

So, who am I? Tony Watts here - and “link2eternity” is the name of my column/blog. I am married to Sandi, my wife of 29 years, 9 months, 3 days and, as I write this column, 6 hours and five minutes; (but who’s counting) and have two children who know and serve the Lord Jesus.

The next question logically follows, especially when talking to a “stranger.” So, what am I doing here? “Link2eternity” is a writing ministry devoted to confronting various worldviews that eliminate God from the equation of life, politics, justice, and ethics with the local paper as its format.

The local paper has been a source of information for many years now; and almost every community across the U.S. has its own. It is both a medium through which the average citizen remains informed about local and world events as well as a popular venue for public discussion and debate. With that being the case, what better place to debate ideas, present truth and/or contend with error.

It is a place where the ideas of a culture converge, a meeting of the minds, if you will. It is the perfect venue through which to do exactly what the Apostle Paul did at Mars Hill; the place where he reasoned and debated with the people concerning truth and the things of Christ.

In this column, I will implement a method that goes beyond the typical devotional work found in many opinion or religion sections. In fact, I hope to challenge the status quo by extending the hand of history, reason, Scripture and, at times, humor to expose erroneous ideas while lifting Christ and a biblical worldview to its rightful place in the modern world.

I hope to silence the skeptics as I deal with contemporary issues from a biblical perspective. Concurring with G.K. Chesterton, “the more logical man is, the more he agrees with what God has said;" I am convinced that truth can be defended and presented using cogent but gracious means.

Tony is a freelance writer and can be reached at

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