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Open Forum, Oct. 17-23

Time for the world to get up and out and try to survive another day. And for us Americans, our middle class lifestyle. But the eagle? he flies alone.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

I am not sure about means testing for medicare-then you have another bureaucracy created to audit everyone's financial status and the inevitable creative ways to avoid means testing, such as hiding assets. But a single payer system is the way to go for everyone for basic coverage, and then allow private insurance for stuff not covered.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

nailingit the money in politics issue-a small but important step forward would be capping spending, including non party affiliated groups which are out of control. And having them disclose their party affiliation maybe? These groups are slimy, calling private homes to ask people if they want to take a "survey" but not revealing who has hired them to do it.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

It is not stated, but presumably the progressive tax structure they have in mind will include significant increases for the wealthy. They will have to tread very carefully around this.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

Certainly not the candidates, but the average voter is different. Some are just as rabid as the hard core party loyalists but hopefully most value common sense over party loyalty. And it applies to the democratic side as well. But they are calling for the formation of a third party=that is absolutely the right move. It has to appeal to more than just progressive democrats to be successful.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

There might be more support from the average republican than you think. The authors have very carefully crafted this to appeal to the patriotic element, with the references to the constitution and the convening in Philadelphia. I know they must have discussed the legalization of drugs but left that out to not offend middle of the road types. We have something to work with here. This could be good.

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

There is a LOT I find very interesting here nailingit. Wow!

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

7) The worlds brightest people? Why not just genetically engineer them here? What about character, are we just assuming that comes with being one of the worlds brightest?

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Open Forum, Oct. 10-16

"private sources of money to be replaced by the fair and equal public financing of all federal political campaigns."

There is a big, big, problem here. How do you define eligibility for these Federal Funds? Polling Data? A committee? No felony record, such as selling pot?

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