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Open forum, Dec 15-21

goldie: Peter Robison lives in Seattle. He is Bloomberg's Bureau Chief there. Some of us have speculated why he is writing this article now. Transportation funding has not been identified for SW Washington in the governor's budget specifically and the folks in King County might like to keep it that way. Hence, remind the world that Clark County throws away funding they get so make it harder for them to get any more. What do you think?

nailingit: Madore's tirade about the article makes some good points. Problem is, he uses the same techniques when it serves him. He does not see the irony, or he sees it and does not care.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

nailingit: The article does contain some emotion-laden language from the journalist's pen. Although he quotes opinions from a variety of sources (some of which are, well, opinionated), describing the bridge as a "deathtrap" and "white-knuckle ride" may be editorializing a bit.

Although I do feel that way riding over it and I do avoid it as much as possible.

More bad publicity for our neck of the woods.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

This Bloomberg News article published yesterday is making the FB rounds this morning.

A cast of local politician characters have starring roles.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

Anyone planning a vacay to Cuba? When I lived in Canada, I was struck by how many Canadians flew there for R and R. Amazing move on the President's part.

Not much here on the Sony film cancellation. Alan Dershowitz suggested that Sony should put it in the public domain immediately: free web views for all.

Do you think the North Koreans have the ability to follow through on their threats? Should Sony have caved to what amounts to terrorism? What is the impact on free speech?

Me, I hope Sony follows Dershowitz' advice.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

goldie: LOL. Vitamins AND green smoothies. The rawer and purer the food the better right now. :)

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

Not blind acceptance, just exhaustion, goldie. I'll turn my attentions outside Clark County when my stamina or local government gets better, whichever comes first.

roger: I was turned on to Wild Turkey when I lived in Kentucky. It flows like water there.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

Hawkman: You mean he was lunching without Mielke? And at Charlie's Bistro, no less? One of my favorite spots. I thought he preferred Billygans. :) Mielke was talking from prepared notes today and I will bet you anything they were penned by Benton.

goldie: You can rail away at Inslee. I frankly have not paid a whole lot of attention to anything outside Clark County, so I cannot make any informed comment. I do know King County is, well, king, and gets a large portion of the pie.

Any thoughts on the terrorist threats with the movie, "The Interview?" I think I'll steer clear of movie theaters for awhile. I have been watching too much "Homeland" and my brain has been influenced by its shocking plot twists.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

We had a plum transportation project in SW WA, goldie, but it was not funded. We are not going to get another significant transportation project in your lifetime or mine. The taxes we pay anyway are going elsewhere. Clark County is a joke in Olympia. Like Rodney Dangerfield, we don't get no respect, but it is self-inflicted.

Hey. I watched a 5 hour BoCC meeting today. If Tom Mielke would stop ridiculing, scolding and arguing with citizens and their comments, 3 hours could have been shaved off. In the end, the #SaveBenton ordinance failed.

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Open forum, Dec 15-21

My favorite Hanukkah song was written by a Republican Mormon senator.

Happy Hanukkah for those who light the first candle tonight.

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Open forum, Dec 8-14

Lights still on, thankfully.

Hawkman: I'd like the folks who voted for the smaller class size bill to tell us where we are going to get the money to fund this folly. No solid research that shows small class size makes a difference in student learning success.

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