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Police to enforce helmet law

Oh well I guess I'll start wearing my helmet from now on. Don't like it but I won't argue... it makes perfectly good sense. Not sure what all the negative grumbling's about... maybe you all ought to just chill out.

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SEIU aims for repeal of sales tax break

Please let it be known that unions most certainly take care of their upper echelons first and foremost. They are very much like a pyramid scheme, like AMWAY (yes AMWAY is a pyramid scheme and if you don't believe it then you are just caught in their web of lies and deceits)

The problem is that the unions have long outlived their use. Where a few decades ago they were relevant- today they are not, and they know it. Therefore they try desperately to maintain a foothold in industries by smooth talking folks who can hardly afford their bills each month, not to mention unreasonably high union dues. And believe me, people are like sheep, they rarely stop to ask "why am I voting to keep/ join a union"... no they just do it. One or two scare stories about the cruel employer and the poor fools are bought. Oh yeah and false stories of how they will be raising wages and benefits blah blah blah.This is my favorite story: " Imagine you spend $100 to join a gym... but you don't actually go there, well you will never see any positive results. So that's how the union is... you need to wear your pin, march and so on to get some results" which is a farce, because I will never spend money that binds me to a gym, no I will pay per month specifically for the reason that I avoid gym memberships that bind you for two years- why because I am a smart consumer I know that rarely is there a time that the gym membership for two years will pay off. I pay per month, and if they do not allow that then I find a gym that does.
Yeah and sure once in a while the union will step in and 'represent' an employee who has been wronged by the employer, but mostly they just want to increase their financial coffers, or pay the scum at the top for doing nothing in particular.

No, I have been neutral about unions all my life until recently when I had to deal with them and actually started asking questions but receiving very unsatisfying answers, that and the fact that people are so easily swayed. I will rather remain an independent person, than a communist sheep.

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Islamic scholars criticize bin Laden’s sea burial

What?? who gives a rats a**... they should have done nothing respectfully for this guy. Heck they should parade him here at home and bury him in some crappy state like New Jersey or Ohio or Georgia.

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Timbers fall to Galaxy, 3-0

Goldenoldie I agree with you, I just know why you bother reasoning with those two idiots.

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Two die in Vancouver fire

you mean "engulfed" in flames, not involved?

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Trouble spots for county cops

Well I guess things could be worse... like in Portland.

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Sex offender released in Utah now in Washington

He stopped by his sister for a brief visit before continuing to his new home in Vancouver WA... wait a minute, as a transient???? So no home just a new incompetent offender in the neighborhood. What the heck did he have to come here for?

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Guardianship jury finds man, 72, unable to care for self

How foolish some of you are... 72 is not that old, and if you are lucky you will reach that a surprisingly quick timespan.
Now this mans CHOICE is being taken away from him... despite the fact that HE personally would like to retain that. So really folks, (and you people on the jury who probably don't have $600000 and would rather he didn't)- none of you are any better than communists!

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No arrests yet in weekend shootings

Ok. I stand corrected. I hate violence and the stats in our town are quite obvious, but ... I withdraw my opinion on this matter. Hope everyone is ok.

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No arrests yet in weekend shootings

This was drug related. The Columbian can write this objective little piece, as they did about the guy who supposedly commited an accidental suicide, but it was drug related.
I have seen how these guys operate in our town, send someone with a reasonable rental history to rent a house or duplex or apartment for them- then they move in and go about their drug business until the sh** hits the fan and they move on. As they will now... unless the home is rented by a certain low rated company with a terrible reputation, they probably couldn't care less and would be happy to get the monthly income from whatever source.
Bottom line, if the people in the neighborhood call and complain frequently to the police(as they did in my neighborhood) and the property owners are serious about raising the property value and ridding the area of these varmin, then you can get some peace and hopefully outsource the garbage back to NE Portland.

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