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For local runner, Boston is a marathoner's dream

Qwkynuf: This story will run in the print edition in Tuesday's sports section. Thank you for reading and congrats on running Boston.

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Senate budget would cut deep into education

Some clarification here. An earlier version of this story reported teachers would face a proposed 3% pay cut. AP has since amended its report and offered this clarification:

"The Senate plan assumes $250 million in savings from wage reductions for teachers. But teacher salaries include a combination of local, federal and state money. Under the proposal, school districts would have to decide how to deal with the reduction in money."

That explains why some of the earliest comments on this story refer to a 3% pay cut.

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Amboy man dies of injuries suffered in crash

The article has been fixed. Thank you for pointing out the mistake.

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Morning traffic slow, afternoon to be worse

Thank you for pointing that out. It has now been changed to Wednesday in all instances. "Today" works for tomorrow's print version, but not for tonight's Web version.

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Charges dismissed against former police officer

In 2005, The Columbian published a three-day series investigating the flaws in Clyde Ray Spencer's conviction. To read that package, titled Reversal of Fortune, click on the story links provided in the article above.

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New bridge will cast a long shadow over Vancouver

The video should be operational now.

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