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Open forum, May 14 - 20

basil, that link should have gone to the URL that you provided. That was correct. And the other story should have gone back to the Storify document on That worked for me. Did that kick you back to Facebook, too?

mrd, thanks for the feedback. That's a good idea, and I'll keep it in mind if I end up making the switch.

And nailingit, I can't very well admonish you to stay on topic when there's not one particular topic to stick to. :-) You have, however, uncovered my diabolical plot to break the threads into their own forums so I *can* warn people to stay on topic. (I know some might think otherwise, but I promise I'm kidding.)

And I'm honored that you're invoking a queen in reference to me. I might have expected to be equated to a ruthless dictator, so to be compared to royalty is an honor. :-) But, beyond that, I don't follow. Another forum wouldn't boost my own ego, help me exert control, or anything like that. It would just hopefully make discussion easier to follow. And, for that matter, I'm just floating the idea. I've been wrong before, so I do appreciate honest feedback; it's going to help me make a better decision, whether that's to make a change or keep things the way they arre.

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Open forum, May 14 - 20

That's odd, basil. I clicked every link that I've posted this week, and all go to the right place. And you're the first to tell me that the posts go back to Facebook. That's a head-scratcher.

And nailingit, it's a mix of a few things that led me to float the idea.

One, there's a lot of chatter about the Presidential race and Congress -- and not all of it comes back to Clark County or local issues.

And I've talked to posters who feel like talking about local issues is tough, given the stream of posts that touch on national issues. They feel like the local stuff gets lost in the posts.

I'm not sure if another forum would make a difference, which is why I floated the idea today. :-) My thinking is ... maybe.

Let's say there's a forum dedicated to, say, the Presidential race. That's been a hot topic of discussion here for some time, with very few local ties. Maybe most posts make their way into that forum, opening this forum up for more local discussions. And new posters might come into the fold if they feel like they aren't shouting into the ether.

I'm just seeing if this change might not help make the discussions easier to follow and make it easier for new users to come into the fold. Right now, it's a free-for-all, and I'm just wondering if there are ways to make it easier to follow and get engaged.

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Open forum, May 14 - 20

basil, I'm a bit confused. Are you talking about our official Facebook page? Or through comments? I don't follow.

and soapbox, thanks for that idea. If I did that, I'd still create a national forum, but that would help distinguish the forums a bit more. Good call.


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Open forum, May 14 - 20

Hey, all. I just had an idea that I wanted to run by you.

There's a lot of chatter here about political issues at the national level.

At the same time, I've heard from a few folks who would like to see more local discussion and more local issues. They feel like the national chatter drowns out the talk about local stories and issues.

So what if I was to create a separate forum specifically for national issues? That way, this de facto default forum might get back to its local roots, and the other forum could serve as a home for discussion about national news.

How would you feel about that idea?


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Open forum, April 30 - May 6

hawkeye, Lou described the thought process in a comment on the story. This might have been buried, so I'll repost here:

"Just FYI all. It's pretty standard operating procedure to move a story back onto our homepage when it receives lots of comments. Anyone is welcome to suggest that move but it's usually an editor. Makes no difference who it's about (or what party one might be connected to) but, again, are people interested in commenting on it.

This isn't an exact science (making this decision) but it's all about giving folks a voice. And, yes, that includes, those who want a voice to complain about us. And as you can see here, there are plenty of folks who have taken the time to complain about us rather than sticking to the topic. :-)"

[Click here for the comment in question][1].

Roger, I'm trying to keep things on track. Madore raised some points about how the country reminds property owners when tax bills are coming due, and I didn't feel that thread was off-topic. Just my opinion, though.

And I'm curious to know who you think my favorites are; even I don't know who those might be. Well, other than the basement-dwellers, of course. :-) But just because I'm not admonishing someone publicly doesn't mean I'm not sending them a private message or removing other remarks. If several people are going off-topic or violating guidelines, then I'll post something publicly. I'm not perfect about it, but that's the goal.


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Open forum, April 30 - May 6

nailingit, I removed it.

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Open forum, April 30 - May 6

Hey, all. Let's keep the masked swear words out of the threads. They're against our community guidelines.


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Open forum, April 23 - 29

fro, our News Editor Micah Rice has an answer regarding Ron Paul:

"I did a wire search and it doesn't appear AP moved anything on the wire. That wouldn't shock me, since AP often doesn't follow when something that was previously known/reported is formalized."

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Open forum, April 23 - 29

goldenoldie, we have separate forums dedicated to certain topics, and we're happy to create forums based on suggestions. But the open forum is what it is -- an open forum for community discussion.

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Open forum, April 23 - 29

vanwadreamer, I graduated from WSU Vancouver -- so I missed Drinking 101. :-) They didn't have a Journalism major when I was there, but I graduated with both a professional writing certificate and degree in Digital Technology and Culture.

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