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This is my last entry to you and on the Columbian website. I will not be sharing entries any more. Recently, you asked me a direct request to respond to your question regarding Tax Breaks for the Wealthy and I purposely wanted to see exactly how you felt but never ever received a complete answer. Well today fiscaltiger, you receive my response.

Up until yesterday, I felt it was important that all wage earning classes deserved to have tax breaks in order to reduce the burden of taxation upon our lives. Sort of that eye for an eye type opinion. That was until I discovered the 108th Congressional House Resolution 4520 information which has turned my stomach upside down. I recommend everybody check it out on the website and read it in it's entirety. We have been shammed with this house resolution which instead of providing jobs, it has ignited the implosion of our government much like what is happening in Spain which explains the demise of the working class Americans over the past 7 years. Please note all the affiliations who are benefitting in this house resolution including those with interests abroad. Some of the sections of the resolution may shock those who read them.

Therefore fiscaltiger, from what I have read in just this house resolution alone, I state to you **I do NOT support tax breaks for the wealthy** and find it an abomination to the People of the United States.

And since I am stating my final entry here, I will divulge that goldenoldie is a family member of mine, although the entries I have dare solely mine and mine alone. We have discussed in detail the entries shared in recent weeks and are much in agreement, give or take.

Finally, I will state to you I am not a native Aussie, although I have lived in Australia. I am a born and raised US citizen with previous generations who too were born and raised here.

I thank you for providing interesting discussion but wish you could have been more honest in your responses and provide details to others in order for everyone to fully understand what your intentions of discussion were. I do recommend you tone down the discrepancy you have shared when it comes to immigrants as it clouds your sounding point.

As miss golden would say-

I wish peace to all and wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Years, hoping the new year will be a better one.

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And yes,'s me, Goldie. I am writing you this note on noworries' penname. Noworries is a family member who has been posting lately and that's why they sound so much like me.

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sifton, I'm still around...just not posting anymore. I enjoy reading your posts...especially the silly sarcasms. Oh, I've almost posted a few times, but I won't anymore. I wish a fantastic Christmas and safe and Happy New Years to you and hope the new year is beneficial to you and your family.

Peace, friend.

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I apologize to all. The link did not work but once you gain access to, it is the 108th Congress HR 4520, American Jobs Creation Act.

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I must give credit where credit is due which just may include a slice of humble pie in regards to the recent discussions with fiscaltiger. I believe everyone should take the time to review this information I am about to present before continuing.

After observing an old rerun of Sliders and checking out a few subjects on the internet, I stumbled upon an old Forbes article from 2005 regarding the American Jobs Creation Act, HR 4520. This is obviously a serious concern for all to see. When you read the article, please note the comments on the second and third paragraphs. I have also provided a direct government link for all to glance over including the costs to implement this bill which has not proven to be effective thus far. There is a segment of which you can click on regarding the costs of the implementation and execution of this bill. I figured this would be an excellent discussion point regarding wasteful government spending and where necessary measures must be taken to reduce the deficit. In a manner, this coincides with fiscaltiger's consistency in issues within our government. Is our government looking out for our best interests?

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New low-income apartments in Fruit Valley to help fill need


For several days now, I have been reading your entries and have come to the conclusion you are a proactive individual with the people's best interests at heart in Vancouver. You are to be commended for your positive contributions.

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Your parenting skills thrive in your entry. Although your suggestion at 3:29 pm is understandably one of frustration and you are fed up with what you describe as a neverending argument, I will heed your advice and do my best only to respond to letters written to the editor as I hope others will too, in exception for entries such as Mr_Basil_Seal's at 2:16 pm..

The words of Martin Luther King, Jr. are worthy of sharing even when there is not a letter to the editor which reflects the context of this entry.

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It is my belief that there is more than just one who has failed to recognize what freedom of the USA and the symbolic Statue of Liberty is all about. Your entry at 12:23 pm is excellent.

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Your reference is not of the wage earning class, I assume.

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What a disconcerting concept that writers of the Columbian could be so shameful.

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