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Spending gold on the arches: McDonald’s spruces up

I just wanted to thank the owners (Hadwin's) for re-investing and creating more jobs(construction in county. Thank you again!


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Supporters fight to keep Larch open

oops.. informative

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Supporters fight to keep Larch open

Very imformative article. Thank you Kathie

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Budget cuts force closure of Larch

The inmate will go to MCNeil Island at the expense of taxpayers this is not a savings. The offenders at Larch will go to the only place that there is room and that means repopulating McNeil Island. This is about JOBS! and federal grant money leaving SW Washington and moving to Pierce County. McNeil Island the most expensive minimum security prison in the county. This Larch vs McNeil! Don't be confused. They could save us more by closing the island prison and not Larch.

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seamuscallan - That was entertaining! lol!

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Acid 'victim' admits injuring herself

I called back from the begin. A "no brainer" i said it then. I think I going to go back and read all the comments from the first articles.then pat myself on the back.. Then go fight crime on some other blog! up up and away!!

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Tips climb to 100 in acid-throwing case

My OPINION: HELLO? The is not a random act. People use logic. You don't buy shades and decide to wear them hours before acid is splashed in your face. Attackers don't say " hey pretty girl!". Attackers don't LOOK jealous. 20 something black females have better things to than going to a hardware store to order acid , pour it in a cup and hide in a bush looking for a pretty girl. (where is cup?)(was she wearing gloves?). I think is you look at this girl past and personality you will find the answer. This is a no-brainer. Do the the math! and if I am WRONG! well.. god forgive me!

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Larch closure back on the table

Larch is NOT the most expensive facility and never has been. Clark county residents,This is not about saving the taypayer money right now. It is about moving jobs out of SW Washington to Tacoma / Seattle region. Everyone knows it is more expensive to keep Minimum custody offenders on a island in PIERCE county than in the woods of CLARK county. It is flat out more expensive to the taypayer to house offender in McNeil Island. There just is no committment to SW Washington. Efficient beds, I agree, but don't say EFFICIENT beds and then send offenders to MCneil Island and take jobs out of SW Washington! Fair is fair!

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