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Open forum, July 23 - 29

Nail thanks for the response.There is no hard or bad feelings.

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Open forum, July 23 - 29

Nail,I don't take to much offence to your posts.But let me just say a few word.My grandfather fought in ww1 my father fought in ww2 one nephew just got out of a career in the Air force my other nephew returned home last year from a career he wanted with the marines. He came home from Afganistain missing both legs above the knee and most of his right hand and part of his groin.I served 2 tours in vietnam and came home with a purple heart but I am ok .Please don't post things that can be very hurtful to some people.Use a little more thought.

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C-TRAN forum

What the opinion by the C didn't say was what routes would be cut.It was anounced last week what the routes were.It looked to me to be some of the most used routes.Wouldn't you think that you woud cut the least used of the routes?Is C-Tran saying that they will cut the routes that will hurt the riders the most in order to gather sympathy in order to force a yes vote.It does not work for me I will be voteing no on anything C-Tran.

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C-TRAN forum

Manthou I think that it might intrest you to attend some of the meeting they are and will be having.I have been to one and the drift I got from some of the people that use the 4thplain route is that they feel that the distance they will have to walk to get the bus is going to be to great.As it is now the bus stops at the locations they all use.That would all change with brt.Also you need to think about the busness's that this would directly affect.On a personal note I don't want literail.The route for literail will go right past my busness and I feel like it will be very detrimental to the way we operate.

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Open Forum, Sept. 19 - 25

You know Nailingit when I was in the service in late 60s we had gay people in the military then to.But I don't remember any getting tossed out.We had them in Viet Nam also.We just didn't pay that much attention to it.

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C-TRAN forum

Goldie did you read the post by Tim one term on the face book side.He thinks we all are stupid.I hope we can show him at the ballot box that we are not.

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Open Forum, Sept. 12 - 18

I agree but go into any store and try to find anything that says made in the USA.I bought 3 pair of Levi's at Fred Meyer last week they all are made outside the country.And I try to buy everything I can local.I also try to buy as much from locally owned store's as I can.The goverment has created such a mess and has not left us with many options.

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Open Forum, Sept. 12 - 18

Ally I have read your post of 10:02 several times today.I do have to agree with some of it.But from 1776 to the start of NAFTA we had good paying jobs.I believe that is when the status quo changed.The ones that were elected back then,with nothing but greed on their minds allowed our manufacturing to leave the U.S.I don't see how we can change that.The big corporations and all our elected ones have made to much money.They are not about to give that up.

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C-TRAN forum

Goldie do you have a link to who is on the 16 member corridor advisory commitee? I would like to hear what they have to say.Also could you keep us posted as to when the next meeting is and where.

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Open Forum, Sept. 5 - 11

Hawkeye it makes one want to rush out to the auto mall and buy a car.

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